31 May 2007


after all the blood, sweat and tears,

the weep and wail,

torment and agony,

pain and misery,

the torture and exasperation,

it's the pay day yo.

sorry, too much of drama.

28 May 2007


do you spill them out?
keep them to yourself?

according to some research,
nightmares = something we want so bad/desperate for or something we fear that might happen.
mine should be the latter.
eh wtf should be.
mine IS the latter!

i had a shitty dream past 2 days.
the shittiest dream, ever.
i practically wet my pillow.

it is not a wet dream lah wtf.

anyway, i spilled out that cheebye nightmare already.
cos' people say if you don't want your dream to happen then must tell out lor. who the fuck cares if that's a myth?
i don't want my boyfriend to die okay!
choi choi choi.

what was your worst nightmare?

23 May 2007

the late replies.

sorry, my life has been pretty hectic for the past few days.
here are the replies for those who buzzed me through the tagboard.

Cavin : great job. wished i was there to watch the drama at 7th floor. LOL. poor Joan.

alexiolim : enough of craps.

tom : really!? awesome! then we can meet there! been awhile since i last saw you. who are you going with?

calv : ftw. when u want ur UV nation tix and ur car sticker, emo?

Ellone : hehe thanks! go get one! :D

yapkevin : good question. maybe you should get Cavin to answer you.

AlanV : i pre-ordered them from Speedy. it is censored (all thanks to Malaysia's censorship board) and does not come with the DVD. it only came with a gigantic poster. those that came with the DVD is the imported version. cost almost about 150 bucks if i'm not mistaken.

simmy : aloha simmy! yeah i have MSN. my address is julieteh11@hotmail.com. add me kay.

just like Cavin, i'll be on hiatus.
i've got no mood to blog.
i will still reply certain comments though.
nasty and crappy comments will not be entertained, mofo.

18 May 2007


so tired.
so sleepy.
so lazy.
but TGIF! :D

nothing to blog about.
Mylo will represent me.

say hello to my dawgie :D

15 May 2007

i is a happy girl.

cos i have..

4 new bottles of parfums to be added to me collection. the black gucci envy is for ryan anyways. but wtf, femme can use homme's parfum also k. cos i like to smell manly.

got the UV nation's early bird tickets! 'nuff said.
more info at www.uvnation.com or www.xes.cx
go grab your tix fast, ravers. it's selling like hot cakes.

(click to enlarge)

received my LP's minutes to midnight album i pre-ordered! damn efficient can.

it comes together with a big ass limited edition LP poster. LP watched me sleep yesterday night =/

what's next? :)

mother's day was great.
dinner with the extended family at pantai seafood @ kayu ara on saturday.
and another dinner with my mini family on sunday.
good food = happy julie.
ryan baked a chocolate mousse cake for mom.
and she became a happy lady =/

it really feels good to be home sometimes.
you get top-notch service. from your mom.
my mom would buy me ice-creams. and stock a lot of it in the freezer.
she would ask if i wanna eat my favourite asam laksa or nasi lemak.
she cared to ask about my life and my work.
she would volunteer to wash my car.
my mom would pou different kinds of thong sui / leong char and force me to gulp the whole pot down. she said it's good for health and would constantly remind me to quit smoking.
she would also stock up gazillion bottles of mineral water for me in the car so that i won't die of dehydration.
she offered to buy me expensive sunblocks 'cos she knows i am getting 'tanner' due to the long walks that i take under the hot sun during work to go to the banks from mont' kiara to hartamas.

well, you get the idea.
so yeah, love your mom.

11 May 2007

sooper sorethroat.

thanks to the long island tea, gin tonic, vodka lime and tequila shots.
a bigger thank you to Ruby and Joan.
&^%#@%* !!!!
so much for happy hour.

i'm dead bored in the office.
no one's around.
cavin flew to bangkok to hunt for ah kuas for holiday. cis.
my turn to take leave next month!

i have got nothing to blog about lah actually.
which means you will have nothing to read.
errr, go watch some video and enjoy this 2 of my favourite tracks.

Nelly Furtado - Try

all i know
is everything is not as it's sold
but the more i grow the less i know
and i have lived so many lives
though i'm not old
and the more i see, the less i grow
the fewer the seeds the more i sow

then i see you standing there
wanting more from me
and all i can do is try

i wish i hadn't seen all of the realness
and all the real people are really not real at all
the more i learn the more i cry
as i say goodbye to the way of life
i thought i had designed for me

then i see you standing there
wanting more from me
and all i can do is try
then i see you standing there
i'm all i'll ever be
but all i can do is try

all of the moments that already passed
we'll try to go back and make them last
all of the things we want each other to be
we never will be
and that's wonderful, and that's life
and that's you, baby
this is me, baby
and we are, we are, we are, we are
in our love
we are free in our love

Rivermaya - You'll Be Safe Here

nobody knows
just why we’re here
could it be fate
or random circumstance
at the right place
at the right time
two roads intertwine

and if the universe conspired
to meld our lives
to make us
fuel and fire
then know
where ever you will be
so too shall i be

close your eyes
dry your tears
‘coz when nothing seems clear
you’ll be safe here
from the sheer weight
of your doubts and fears
weary heart
you’ll be safe here

remember how we laughed
until we cried
at the most stupid things
like we were so high
but love was all that we were on
we belong

and though the world would
never understand
this unlikely union
and why it still stands
someday we will be set free
pray and believe

when the light disappears
and when this world’s insincere
you’ll be safe here
when nobody hears you scream
i’ll scream with you
you’ll be safe here

save your eyes
from your tears
when everything’s unclear
you’ll be safe here

from the sheer weight
of your doubts and fears
wounded heart

in my arms
through the long cold night
sleep tight
you’ll be safe here
when no one understands
i’ll believe
you’ll be safe,
you’ll be safe
you’ll be safe here
put your heart in my hands
you’ll be safe here

now my page is bombarded with words wtf.

P/S: ryan my lil chef got me hooked on this old Japanese drama called
Shota no Sushi. so hilarious can. and the Japanese sushi chef aka the main actor Takashi Kashiwabara is so hehe, cute. go download the torrent. and yeah, you gotta have interest in cuisine and errr, cooking. neh, i've got no interest in cooking. maybe just a little. but wtf, ryan does.


08 May 2007


this post got me laughing like mad.
no, i tried controlling my laughter like mad.
i'm in the office wtf.
this dude is silly.

thank you, tiu.
for your time and effort to make me feel like a goddess.
i'm impressed.
but fact is still a fact.
the fact is that...
i don't even have an hourglass or pear-shaped body lah wtf.


07 May 2007


wantons for sale.
1 biji for 30 cents.
good deal good deal

the phlegm's disgoooosting.
i think i wanna puke.
where is my porridge
and hot towels

you stfu because i'm sick.

i'm going to sleep. bye.

04 May 2007

somewhere deep inside.

"come on julie, i know u wanna do something better than that. get out and get wasted by doing the things that you really love."

this has kept me pondering for quite some time.
and yes, finally.

someone read through me.
i'm glad.
thank you, you-know-who-you-are.

02 May 2007

hidetoshi matsumoto.

i'm still in love with the Pink Spider.
long live X-Japan.

ryan and i went for karaoke session at 12am yesterday. just the both of us. hero sial. we sang till 4 freaking am and t'was so fun i tell chuuuuu :D

got my hair chopped off again today. nyahahha. check out my new bob-do yooooooooo! feel damn syiok now cannnnnnnn.

man. i can't wait.
k that's all bye.