28 July 2006

happy 20th birthday to rachel and yen chi!

here are some pictures from rachel's pre-birthday lunch @ Marco's Pizza yesterday. (yeah, the italian restaurant which can be easily spotted along LDP highway 'cos the signboard is so fucking huge)


birthday girl is in red. and sorry for the dull looking pictures. too lazy to edit. bleh.

i tried looking for a picture of me and yenchi in my pc to create a birthday post for her. i couldn't find a nice one. reason because i looked like shiet in all the pictures and she's forever looking so hawt. i cannot afford to show everyone my fugly face deii :P i searched through one of the folders with old pictures and i found the picture below. classic heh. taken in genting. uhh, i missed those times. anyway,


may God bless both the birthday girls.

27 July 2006


i woke up this morning feeling rather grumpy and...grumpy. i think i woke up from the wrong side of the bed. i washed up, dressed up and dragged my ass outta the house to go to class. still feeling very moody and grumpy. wtf, i don't know why man.

while i was driving, i felt darn hot. my body temperature heating up. eeeks, something must be wrong with the air-conditioner. or was it me? i thought my 'mental' was hot that's why 'physically' also hot lah. but i was wrong deyyyy. i took a glance at the temperature metre and i went WOAHHHHHHHHHHH. CRITICALLLL. sorry lah. i was damn kan cheong that time so i couldn't take a picture of my metre. therefore, i drew it out. i hate Paint. so hard to draw.

i dropped the idea of going to college after that and thank goodness i wasn't on the highway yet. i was still in town. i made a U-turn after that hoping that my car would take his/her/its last breath only when i have safely reached home. but too bad lah. sooper dooper critical already. my car died on the Klang bridge, obstructing the traffic. damn 7 memalu-fying. but actually not that malu lah cause there's another lorry who died earlier than my car about 20 metres away. so, he obstructed the traffic first. hehe.

then i called my hero.
"hello, daddie! my car broke down again!" (yeah, not my first time. this is the second time -_-")
"where? federal highway again!?"
"no no. better this time. i'm still in klang. to be more specific, Klang main bridge. wahaha."
"you're causing traffic jam lah like that?"
"not really lah. the lorry who died-ed infront of me caused it first."
"oh. so how?"
"how? you come lah!"
"cannot lah. i'll be having a meeting soon. i'll ask Uncle Ho to look for you."
"chehh. okaylah."

no more hero lah my father. so i took a puff and waited for my dad's friend to come over. while waiting, 3 brainless policemen stopped by and approached me.

brainless policeman #1
"kereta rosak lah."
"apasal rosak?"
"mana saya tau?"
*stared at me for awhile and vrrrrooooommm-ed away*

brainless policeman #2
"kenapa berhenti sini?"
"kereta rosak lah."
"ohh. apa yang rosak?"
"mana saya tau!?"
"jangan berhenti lama-lama."
"..................saya pun tak mau berhenti lama lah bang!"

brainless policeman #3
"a-moi. (!?!?!?) lesen?"
*shows him my license*
"kereta rosak ke?"
*i wanted to reply him ABUTHEN? but i did not lah. i just nod*
"you sini rosak, depan pun rosak, jadilah traffic jam."
"apa i boleh buat? i pun tak mau kereta i rosak."
"..........apasal tak letak palang something something something?
*he was talking about the triangle shape thingy we use to place it on the road during emergencies. it's sometimes attached to the car boot*
"itu i takda lah."
"beli lah. you henti macam ni bahaya. you ingat pasang double-signal sudah boleh ke?""
"OK. nanti i beli."
"sekarang you turun kereta minta orang tolong you tolak kereta ke depan sikit. tolak pergi tempat yang tak halang orang."
*stoned for a few seconds*
"OK. boleh."
*i got down from my car*
*cheebye brainless policeman vrrrrrooooomm-ed away*
*i went back into my car*


minutes later my dad's friend arrived and helped me to look see look see. i managed to drive my car all the way to the regular foreman who repairs my car anyway. my car did not die. he/she/it passed out only. teehee. i drove with the temperature needle going up and down up and down. MCH.

i ended up not attending both finance and sales classes. but the day before, i promised rachel to go to her pre-birthday lunch @ Marco's Pizza with her and the rest of the gang. no choice lah. so, i took my mom's car and went.

now my car is back at home already :D

25 July 2006

you wouldn't wanna read this. trust me.

i'm falling even more in love with you. i don't wanna be a fool in your eyes. i keep your photograph and i know it serves me well. in my head i keep on looking back right back to the start wondering what it was that made you change. i promise i'm not trying to make your life harder. nobody's there when i call your name. swept away by you and now i feel like a fool. i don't wanna fight no more, i don't know what we're fighting for. have you ever had someone steal your heart away you'd give anything up to make them feel the same? i could drown if i stay here. i want nothing more than to sit outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing. why couldn't you just see through me? i'm running and not quite sure where to go. i wish that i could take it all away. is it me who can take you higher than you're dreaming of? i wish i could tell you i'm feeling better every day that it didn't hurt me when you walked away. every time the phone rings, do you wish it was me calling you? i swallowed my pride the day you arrived. i'm standing until you make me move. i carry a smile when i'm broken in two and i'm nobody without someone like you. i surrender just to hear your voice. like a clown i put on a show. i'm screamin' at night if i thought you'd hear me. you were the one thing that i tried to hold on to. i lay my head back down, and i lift my hands and pray to be only yours. how can i be smiling like before? i lie down and blind myself with laughter. lock the doors and we'll leave the world outside.

21 July 2006


i would see you.
I would hear you.
i would speak to you.
i would find you.

19 July 2006

so darn hot i wanna strip.

"wanna go for a drink? i fetch you."
"cannot-la. going out."
"go where?"
"find boyfriend."
"crazy. what time d? 10.30pm you know."
"yeah i know. so?"
"he's staying in PJ right? so far la. ask him to find you!"
"duwan la. by the time he drive down from KL after work what time d?"
"cheh. you find him for what?"
"to accompany me eat supper. hehe."
"i accompany you la."
"no need. thank you."
"fine! oh i know. you desperate for fuck is it?"
"erm, yeah actually, so desperate i feel like fucking you up right now."
" :) "


i'm living a rather monotonous life these days. i wake up. i go to class. i disturb KC. i eat. i disturb cylee. i attend class. i disturb virgo. i go home. i watch tv. i eat again. i play computer. i sleep.

eh, how cool. nothing about revising or doing homework is involved. i'm sucha good student :)

the weather is sizzling i feel like i wanna faint.

we had a small test on French in class today. i scored 7 out of 22.
bwahahaha. disgrace i know.
how mannnnn! how the fuck can i pass my French in the finals!
je ne sais pas le fran├žais!
je veux pleurer! :(

i'm feeling darn bored now. i've got my IT and TIS report to do. but i don't feel like doing. i'm so fucking lazy.

i know you're gonna bored ur arse off if i continue writing. i'm stopping already. no worries. and please forgive me, i need to rant.

17 July 2006

to you i belong.

don't breathe another lie
don't speak
sit back and watch love die.

to screaming voices
they tell consequences
for your bad choices.

the life you've chosen
if only you thought
if only time was frozen.

the scene inside your head
what once felt alive
soon becomes dead.

reflect on the past
search for more reasons
why we couldn't last.

let the one you love wait
crush every hope
embrace the approaching fate.

abuse the power you hold
leave me high & cry
in the blistering cold.

ruin every dream shared
till whatever is left
cannot be repaired.

eyes swell with tears
we come face to face
with our darkest fears.

there's nowhere to hide
you can no longer conceal
what's hidden inside.

escape from the pain
but when we're awake
scars will remain.

i'm letting you go
when there's many answers
i still need to know.

15 July 2006


...is the only word that i can think of to describe

your bunch of motherfucking brainless dickhead friends.

how pitiful :(

11 July 2006

i wish.

i wish you would get out of my head.

i wish that i could get some sleep.

i wish you had cared enough.

i wish you knew everything i said was true.

i wish that you could feel the pain inside of me.

i wish these were your words and not mine.

i wish you knew how much you meant to me.

i wish for my sanity.

09 July 2006

bid goodbye to worldcup 2006.

italy vs. france.
last match for the Germany Worldcup 2006.
i'm darn sad.
no football = sad julie :(

but EPL will be back soon! bwahahha.

pray for Italy to win people.
this message goes out to you too, Jeremy.



05 July 2006


i don't know what kinda luck am i having. bad luck i supposed. i think i need to receive at least one summon per month, or else my month would not complete. damn.

3 summons = 250 ringgit :( :( :( :(
but i paid only 70 ringgit :D :D :D :D


here are the pictures i promised to post. there are more, but i'm just too tired..and lazy.
forgive me, i've been sleeping for less than 5 hours a day. so energy-less.

03 July 2006

d'you like sleeping alone? i don't.

i'm back to college now. today. how shittie. going into the same ol' classes. studying the same ol' subjects. being taught by the same ol' lecturers. facing the same ol' boring students. eating the same ol' food. ahh. i need a bloody life. hrm, perhaps i'm getting sick of the schooling life already. i wanna move on to something new..and interesting.

i finally got to meet up with vicca on last saturday night. she's back to malaysia for a holiday :) ahh, missed hanging out with this bytch.

i don't know how the heck did brazil lost to france. i'm sad. damn bloody sad. until today. i couldn't even utter a single word when the match ended =| were you sleeping, ronaldinho!? DAMN. i wouldn't mind if england don't get into the finals. i've never expect them to get in anyway. but..brazil.....*loud sigh*

ryan drove me, shiena and tammy to bukit tinggi, pahang on sunday morning. we booked a 2 bedrooms apartment for a night and we came home this afternoon. yeah, and i missed my first class on the first day of school. how nice :) purposely one-lah can or not?

it was my first time going to bukit tinggi. same goes to ryan. the scenery was not too bad and the weather was alright. but the place's a lil boring with no entertainment. well, very limited number of things to do i would say. the French Village and most of the parks would be closed by late evening leaving you with nothing to do at night. no wonder some people told me not to stay overnight :| now i know why.

my personal chef cooked us dinner at night. reason because they don't have many varieties of food available for us to choose. and the food over there is way too expensive. heh. renting an apartment with the kitchenette is indeed an added advantage :P after dinner, they played chinese mahjong. tammy brought the mini mahjong set along. so cute. but i don't bloody know how to play. i got bored, i made some noise, i grumbled abit and ryan drove us up to genting highlands. approximately 30-40 minutes drive depending on your driving speed.

we went back to our apartment midnight and the 3 stooges continued with their mahjong session *sigh* they officially surrendered themselves to the bed at 3:00am. HOORAYY!

pssst. pictures will be posted up soon.