30 July 2007

happy 21st my chi.

yenchi's birthday bash @ mystique last saturday.

all pictures courtesy of david and yenchi's friendster. heh.

the birthday babe.

her other half, david.

her 'act-cute' moments.

ok lah i know it's always the 3 of us.

my weekends damn unproductive man.
saturday, used up half of the day loitering in the curve with ruby and chaiyen without buying anything. urm, bought small things. and crap, i had 5 meals in a day. boogie night with the family in mystique towards the end of the day followed by another birthday bash in Neway @ Times Square.

sunday, slept whole day lah what else.

i've got a bag full of motherfuckers and smashed assholes.
you want some?

25 July 2007

wednesday already?

it's confirmed.

he don't love me no more.
there is a third party.

he said he would love to do her.

her name is
Elisha Cuthbert.

ryan has been watching The Girl Next Door
for the umpteenth time already. the latest was yesterday night. he smiled throughout the whole movie. a bloody cheeky and horny one. this is freaking me out.

how now brown cow?

[EDIT] 3.53pm
my emo calv suggested that i can get even by watching whoever i think is hot. heh. right. tonight i'm going home to download Wicker Park, Pearl Harbour, Hollywood Homicide, Black Hawk Down, Lucky Number Slevin, The Virgin Suicides etc etc etc etc.

woot. it will soon be my turn to smile
cheekily and horny-ly watching Josh Hartnett. Ashton Kutcher is next.

in your face mr.ryan.

[EDIT][EDIT] 9.38pm

i just got back from work and dinner. i switched on the PC and crap, i saw Elisha Cuthbert staring at me. i swear to God i still see the picture of Dj Scot spinning in UVNation as the desktop wallpaper yesterday night wtf. and what's worse? i maximize Azureus and saw a few movies downloading. Love Actually, Captivity, The Quiet. all starred by Elisha Cuthbert. tonight he will be sleeping out at the living hall.

*bangs head against wall and die*

23 July 2007


such brilliant offer.

what do i do what do i do.

fucking lost.

you tell me.


There was a man who had 3 very loving girlfriends. They are all pretty and nice. And he's having great trouble trying to decide who to marry. So, he gave each one of them $5,000 and see what they do with the money.

The first one, went out shopping. Bought nice clothes & do up her hair and everything. She said to him: "I love you so much that I spent all the money to make myself look pretty and nice because I know you like it. Just for you." He's touched. This girl did everything so that he will love her.

The second girlfriend took the money and bought all kinds of nice clothes and latest gadgets for him. She said to him: "I love you so much that I spent all the money to buy you gifts and things that you like. I love you so much that I left nothing for myself." He's very touched. She gave everything to him.

The third girlfriend took the money and invested them into the stock market. Within 5 days, the money doubled. She took out the $5000, gave it back to him and the balance she opened another investment account. She said to him:"I love you so much that I'll help you grow your money so you won't have to worry about living. I'll take care of everything for you." Naturally, he's touched too. This girl is so intelligent and so loving.

Then he had to make a decision on who to marry; and he decided to marry the one with the BIGGEST breasts.

Morale of the story: Men will always be men.

18 July 2007


dear you,

it has been almost 3 years now.
look how time flies.
i hope you are doing alright.
it's great to know that you are still keeping the broken watch.
and everything else.

there is something that i have always wanted to tell you.
i'm sorry.
i'm sorry i let us fail.

p/s : thank you for the memories.


14 July 2007

abcdefck you.



12 July 2007

miss banana.

sumutaO says:
dysphoria. says:
dunno how to read lah wtf.
sumutaO says:
dysphoria. says:
that's my name, dumbo.
dysphoria. says:
dysphoria. says:
but the last letter should be without the two horns on top
dysphoria. says:
just the lower part
dysphoria. says:
sumutaO says:
dysphoria. says:
errr..wo pu ming pai?
dysphoria. says:
sumutaO says:
dysphoria. says:
sumutaO says:
damn, u can't even read simple chinese ar?
dysphoria. says:
yes, i can't.. -_-"
dysphoria. says:
i only know one two three four...ten..mouth..human..sky..big..small...date..month..my own name..
dysphoria. says:
sumutaO says:
i give u tuition class, RM1200 per month
dysphoria. says:
dysphoria. says:
gila so expensive
dysphoria. says:
i ask my mother to teach me FOC
dysphoria. says:
sumutaO says:
i'm a pro!
dysphoria. says:
my mother also pro!
sumutaO says:
i guess ur mother don't know how type chinese on MSN.
sumutaO says:
sumutaO says:
i can
dysphoria. says:

damn fail lah me i know.

guidelines for anyone as banana as me.
你好。 = ni hao [hello]
你在干吗?= ni zai gan ma? [what are you doing?]
笨蛋!= ben dan [stupid]

happy learning wtf.

09 July 2007

seeking solace.

my long time sickness has gotten me all emo-ish since last week.
i shed tears listening to x-japan's longing.
been blasting delerium and sarah mclachlan's silence.
orgasmic. fucken' euphoric.

the bitch is super broke now.
her credit card bills are piling up like mad.
but the mega sales is still on.
she just bought her prince a brand new mobile phone.
because she owed him many presents.
last year's birthday present. last year's christmas present. this year's valentine's present.
urm, what else?

ahhh. PMS PMS PMS.
fuck the monthly cramp.
fuck life.

04 July 2007

take me away.

some pictures from edwin's farewell party at maison last thursday.
we will miss you edwin.
now who is gonna LTF with me at wee hours in the morning?

one of my bitch, yen chi.

my other bitch, yi wei.

this is the trio - TYW, TYC and TYL. that's our initials.
we were born in the year of tiger and our horoscope is Leo.
we even share the same surname, 郑 [chen/cheng].
cool aye?

taken 1 and a half year ago. i was fat.

edwin, david the magician, drunkard eddie, yiwei, josephine, ally, yours truly, yenchi, gimloong, retardo ky. the rest were too drunk to take pictures i reckon.

the weather is being a bitch. i'm sick.
have a nice day peeps.

oh btw, someone please get me this stuff.
i need 'em.

02 July 2007

you don't know me, you don't wear my chains.

you happy?

what do you want in life?
i don't know.

is this really what you want to do?

do you think you should start doing things that you want to do?
i don't know.

are you tired with all these head wrecking questions that have been messing up your fucking brain?