30 January 2008

it's 3.56am.
i brought chouchou along
but i still can't sleep.

i miss you.

24 January 2008

R.I.P my darling Heath Ledger.

14 January 2008

rain rain go away come again another day.

fuck. i heard the thunder.
why does it have to rain today?!
rain tomorrow can?

i'm on the 15th floor and i don't have a bloody window in my room.
i mean, i'm supposed to have 3 pieces of windows.
you know, the kinds where you have to unbuckle/unlock it so that you can push them out?
one of the three pieces flew off yesterday evening due to the heavy rain and strong wind.
yes, all the way down from the 15th floor to the ground floor.
killing 1 people and damaging 3 cars.
aight, don't give me that expression.
it's not even my fault.
it's the weather!

i couldn't sleep yesterday night.
ryan and i watched the window fell.
and yet we could not do anything.
but who is it to blame?


spot the difference? left side got window and right side no window lor :(

no lah. actually, the window did not kill anybody, hurt anyone or damage anything.

08 January 2008

i foresee someone will go insane pretty soon. i've been stucked in this room for a good two days. my only companion is the PC, my super loyal king size bed, maggi instant noodle and of course, cigarettes. even ciggie seems tasteless already. two hours ago, i took a hot shower and was about to get dressed up and drive down to oneU for some shopping (no, i don't see nothing wrong with going shopping alone bitch). i pulled open the curtains. the traffic congestion along LDP highway was massive. goddamnit, it's after office hour sohai, i told myself. hrm, i'll give myself another thirty minutes. if the jam still continues then to hell with it. i will just go out and get stuck in the fucking crawl. then, i saw lightning and heard the thunder. i look down my window, the crawl became ten times worse. rain started pouring and the strong wind howls like a wolf. so strong the windowpanes started shaking. eerie. felt like the whole apartment was about to tumble down. fine, i am not going out anymore. my tummy growled so i took a lift down to the apartment's cafeteria to get a breather and something to fill my little stomach. then i head to we serve minimarket. crap name. we serve minimarket. we serve minimarket. ha. anyway, they ran out of dunhill lights. as usual. oh and you know what, the cafeteria serves the worse chicken pao in the world i swear i almost puked. i took a bite and then i threw it away. i am now feeding on mauro picotto's awesome tunes. one friend just asked me on msn what sort of tattoo he should get. helped him browse through the net abit and told myself i will get another soon. in the future after i get married, i will fly to miami for honeymoon and get ami james to ink me. HAHAHAHHAHA what the fuck. gah. hrm, tired already. thank you all for reading. you have very good patience, eh?

ok, i think i am really insane.
and it sucks so much when you try so hard to pretend to be happy.

02 January 2008

silence. i kill you.

first post for year 2008.
don't worry.
i will not go about ranting and recapping what good deed or bad stuff i did for the whole of year 2007.
i will not list down whatsoever new years resolution.
i'll just start it off by wishing every single soul i know and whoever who reads this blog, a very happy new year and belated christmas wtf.

spent the NYE in genting highlands with a bunch of psychotic bytches and mofos.
it's been awhile, really.
we had so much fun talking cocks and laughing our ass off.
not forgetting the ultimate bitching session and david's ever so wonderful performance.
all the fun times minus ryan.

uhh, how time flies.
last year's NYE was spent right in the heart of the city somewhere near KLCC, in the car and alone. pathetic.
all because i need to go pick ryan back from work.
and of course i watched the fireworks all by myself lah.
but i can tell you,
uncle lim's fireworks in genting was superb with the capital s.
like, the best fireworks i've ever seen in my 21 years of life.
damn kampong.

i'm feeling dead tired.
14 hours of sleep and i still feel like crap.

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