28 February 2006


RM 1.62 for a litre of petrol is enough to make my dad go koo-koo. and now they'd increased the price to RM 1.92 for a litre.

30 cents. a bloody 30 cents.

the biggest and highest increase for petrol in malaysia, ever. my dad is gonna strangle himself to death. reason because he is the one who pays for the petrol consumption for all the cars in my family. minus jasmine's one cos she is bloody out there working and earning her own money already. poor dad. i think i should go out less often nowadays. and use the public transportation instead. crap

but still, fuck Malaysia's Government. what subsidize subsidize all? bullshit la.

slash open my fucking brain.





27 February 2006

unlucky thirteen.

i've got a new record now! 13 hours is my current longest sleeping hours! previously was only 12 hours. hahahha. trust me, i was dead tired. imagine attending classes on a lazy saturday morning. had a 4 hours purchasing class and an extra 2 hours of mock up restaurant class. the 4 hours class was hell. but the restaurant class was pretty much fun. all because the lecturer was mr. daniel. we learnt and did wine tasting. weeeee.

after class, we went to sunway pyramid's pizza hut to celebrate Ning's birthday. i ain't gonna elaborate to you what happened in there as it will make KC *cry* hahahaha ;p

i headed home to join my family for dinner after the pizzas and after dinner, i drove all the way to PJ to look for ryan who then decided to meet up with his friends in ss24's ming tien. reached home at about 3.30am that night morning and only slept at 5.00am. the picture below explains why =)

ps, i love you by cecilia ahern. a bloody good book.


after spending half of my day in la-la land today. i decided to go for a movie at night. ryan and i watched big momma's house 2. bloody hilariousssss ;p

note : happy birthday to ryan's sis, huei ting. as well as a belated one to lucas and ning =

24 February 2006

björk i love.

was at zouk's ghetto heaven yesterday night with virgo, cylee, sherri and sherri's friends. had the time of our life, really. but not towards the end of the party cause the Dj started spinning some crappy music and we thought it was pretty boring. so, we left. stayed over in ryan's place and he picked me to virgo's place about 8.30 this morning as he's not able to send me to class which is at 11am. he has to go to work at 10am. continued my journey to la-la land on virgo's bed after failing to wake cylee up until KPKB KC came and make helluva noise. jeeeez.

was not able to open my eyes in both the classes today. virgo's look was still 'steam steam' like how KC described. sherri totally dozed off in class. ZZZzzz. lousy -_-. cylee was the only hyperactive one. *sigh* always and forever. cannot tahan man.

i'm goddamn sleepy and tired right now. muscles are aching from head to toe. and i've decided. i'm gonna bloody stay at home tonight although it's a friday night =) heeeeee.

i heart björk. weird, but beautiful. i wish i was her.

23 February 2006

rest assured.

P/S : i'll be there for you. these five words i swear to you. when you breathe i wanna be the air for you. i'll be there for you. - Bon Jovi, I'll Be There For You

21 February 2006

get well soon sayang!

woke up darn late for my 9am class. rushed to get changed and all but i knew i was gonna be late. so i decided not to enter the first class. moreover, miss sharon's mood is not too good these days. i don't wanna take the risk. she might chase me outta the class. you know what i mean.

then i found out that ryan will not be going to work. his HAND is not feeling well. The-Swollen-Elephant-Hand case is back ;p he can't move his hand properly, he can't tear meat from his plate using a set of spoon and fork and worst of all, he can't drive. that resulted in me becoming his driver for today. drove him to the doctor, to Cilantro to hand in his MC, to sungei wang to get his brand new mobile phone..laa dee dahh. ryan finally got his motorola v3i. happy lehhh?

"you must be very gentle and careful you know when you use this phone."
"cos this phone very fragile mah."
"oh, yahlor yahlor."
"must be very very gentle you know! if you mm ngam (not suitable) then you let me use lor hor?."
"cos i gentle mah."

ass. -_-"

rushed back to college to go for management class. done the "the apprentice" look alike group activity. with miss Uma being Donald Trump. nononono, KC says Uma Trump. heee. our team got a 13/15! all thanks to the leader cum speaker, miss brainee rachel ;p

went back to ryan's place after class. just wanna make sure he won't die of hunger. see, i'm sucha sweet girlfriend. huhuhuhu. makan-ed McDees. and now, i'm finally settling down at home already. dead tired weiiii. *sigh*
economics assessment tomorrow. my death day.


jeeeeeeezzzzz. ciao bella.

20 February 2006







16 February 2006

go to hell Webmarshal.

i tried accessing to my blog using my college's pc today but i failed terribly. reason? because they scanned through the site and thought my blog contains PORNOGRAPHY. they also spotted inappropriate words like dildo, orgasm, fuck, fucker, fucking, sex, lust, fetish ............ -_-"

say "bravo!" to my college's Webmarshal content filtering program. they sucked.

15 February 2006

no more V's day. woohoo.

6 more minutes before it marks the end of valentine's day. weeeee! *evil grin* so i did spent my valentine's day with my bunch of friends. it was not so bad afterall. we had dinner is L'escoffier @ taylor's college. bwahahaha! got valentine's mood, theme and environment one o-kay ;p

i received roses, candies, chocolates, cookies and not forgetting BALLOONS! rachel gave each of us a balloon and so we decorated the classroom. suddenly our class looked like a funfair. heh. after marketing class, we head over to midvalley for lunch. we tried keeping the balloons in the car when KC got a little pissed with the balloons blocking his rear mirror while he's driving. we bloody wind down the window, and let all the balloons free. it contains helium gas by the way. imagine 7 idiots in 2 cars releasing balloons in between LDP and Federal highway. haha. if you happen to spot the balloons or the 7 idiots, yeah it's us ;p i bought 2 bijis of balloons as well for FQ and Jie cause they were being so kind to become ryan's delivery men today. only TODAY. haha.

my 2 big brothers with their "balloons"

after dinner, i rushed over to kelana jaya to look for any bakery shop. i got ryan a mini valentine's cake and left it in the refrigerator. i have yet to get him a valentine's pressie, so i thought it would be nice for me to do something to make him feel like it's V's day today. haha. nah. i only hope my little cake will make his day after a hard and long day at work preparing meal after meals for those 'too-much-of-money-to-spend-that's-why-we-chose-to-go-to-Cilantro' couples. bwahhaha. i sense some jealousy over here ;p

that's it for valentine's. till next year...not again


we were asked to form a group of 6 in management class today and we were given 30 minutes to build a castle using whatever materials that we can find inside class. this class activity was supposed to test us on the co-operation among the group members and some sort of stuff like that. my group (rachel, virgo, vinnie, cylee, KC + me) actually uses only full scap papers and 2 pieces of colour papers. this is what we came up with...

bwahahaha. disgrace. look like a kindie piece of artwork.

we got the 3rd placing out of 4 groups. hahaha. to stop us from reminding ourselves how stupid and foolish we were, we decided to demolish our castle.

deng! gone.

13 February 2006

100 random shits.

here's 100 random stuff about me. was friggin' bored so i decided to post some shittie things like these. don't bother reading it if you don't want to. no one's pointing a knife at your throat or balls or boobs asking you to spend your whole fucking day or night reading things about me. and also, proceed to the 'X' button on the right corner at the top of your screen if you find this message offensive =)

#100 my sleeping time is between 12-1.30 am or 4-5 am.
#99 i rub both my feet together for some time before falling asleep.
#98 i heart guys who look good in pink shirts. "jeng" people? exceptional. they look "jeng" in whatever colour shirt.
#97 i hate staying at home. i wish i could just move out and stay alone.
#96 i've only gone out to work once in my whole 20 years. that's in Fish & Co. internship is not counted.
#95 i cry for no fucking reason. i've got gallons of tears to waste.
#94 i still love the backstreetboys. so? sue me.
#93 i don't have a best friend. i have less than 5 good friends and not more than 10 close friends.
#92 my longest friend is yvonne chan summ chi. we're still the best of friends.
#91 i never knew what's a dildo until the age of 17. HAHA.
#90 i used to walk as fast as i can when passing the condom section in a pharmacy. now i think it's pretty silly.
#89 i'm a big fan of kenny sia. i have to read www.kennysia.com at least once a day. i admire his sense of humour.
#88 i don't consume curry. any sort of curries. especially home-cooked ones.
#87 you're forcing me to die if you ever want me to catch a cockroach.
#86 there used to be a damn bloody huge gap between the two of my front teeth. i used to cry thinking about it. thank God they're no longer there.
#85 i love going to shopping alone. and i think there's nothing wrong with it.
#84 i love hanging out in Starbucks as well. alone. my longest record was 2 hours. i'm gonna beat that record someday.
#83 mE dOn'T liKe peoPle tyPinG likE tHis. mE thInk iT is IRRitatiNG. no offence peeps.
#82 i love fish cakes. but i loathe fish balls.
#81 i'm a rebel. but no longer one.
#80 my name first got blacklisted in the "black book" when i was in primary 3. i screwed the teacher 'fuck you'.
#70 once, my friends claimed that 2 policewomen came looking for me in school during secondary 5. the case : racism. haha. i was co-incidently absent on that day. damn.
#69 i learnt how to sneak out from the house when i was 13.
#68 i adore the smell of a new building. i think it's the cement. or is it?
#67 i wore high-heels for the first time at the age of 14. HELL.
#66 i'm pretty loyal. not only towards human beings. even dead objects. for example, my 19 year old smellie pillow.
#65 the longest relationship i've ever had is 4 and a half years. it went down the drain about 1 year+ ago.
#64 the shortest was 5 days. or was it 4?
#63 i avoid guys with bad breath, body odour and guys who spit in public. big turn-off.
#62 i'm fuckin' emo. any cure for that?
#61 you'll never spot me in any picture doing that 'peace' sign. i got nothing against that. but i think i look incredibly awful with that pose.
#60 i hate ah-lians who wear bright and eye-catching tops with shimmering pictures or writing. i'll try getting pictures of clothes like that soon.
#59 i hate ah-bengs with 'trumpet' long pants, half-button shirt and slip-in white slippers.
#58 i fall for guys easily. that's my worst weakness.
#57 i never had a dentist to pull my teeth off before. i always do it by myself.
#56 i love 'A walk to remember'. i watched the movie 5 times and read the book 4 times. i still weep in the end.
#55 my hair has to be shampoo-ed at least once a day. i don't know how can some people stand for not washing their hair for 2 or 3 days. yuck-ness.
#54 i regret taking up hotel management.
#53 i still listen to Disney soundtracks.
#52 calculation and numbers is so not my thing. the highest marks i've got for maths and add maths during high school was 50% and 42% for the latter.
#51 i don't hang out with people whom i don't have any common topics with.
#50 12 hours is my maximum sleeping hours.
#49 i read a dictionary as if i was reading a story book.
#48 i love trance music more than any other genres. people who don't like trance music has got no taste. people who pretend they like trance is even worse. and they spell TRANCE as TRANCH. HAHAHA.
#47 julie has more enemies than friends. the number of people who hate her is more than those who like her.
#46 i achieve orgasm by shopping and eating. ahh. pleasure.
#45 Malaysian Government is plain stupid.
#44 i heart guy with original baby smell on his body.
#43 i loathe guy who baby talks.
#42 i want a guy with plenty of veins on both of his hands.
#41 material girl.
#40 me don't fancy guy who is stupid-er than i am.
#39 i can't cook to save my life.
#38 i think bitchy sluts who don't wanna admit that they're bitchy need to get a fucking life.
#37 i am bitchy. to most people. and i admit it.
#36 i always observe and stare at every single soul who walked pass me. people call me cocky.
#35 i still don't know the proper way to hold a pair of chopstick.
#34 know anyone with terrible mood swings? ME.
#33 i feel pretty much fucked up most of the time. i've never come across a happy or at least satisfying day.
#32 i write sad poetries and sappy song lyrics.
#31 i curse and swear a l o t. need to get rid of that fucking habit badly.
#30 i fucking hate copycats, pretenders and wannabes. plain losers.
#29 never bring me to a steamboat restaurant. i don't bloody eat steamboat.
#28 eating 4 meals of nasi lemak in a day is so-not-a-problem for me.
#27 my favourite cartoon character is little lulu.
#26 i lurveee beads. black beads.
#25 sooper dooper torn t-shirts are my favourite outfit at home. bwahaha.
#24 brand conscious = ME.
#23 i have a fetish for shoes, heels, sandals, sneakers, pumps and accesories.
#22 addicted to anything in brown colour. lust i would say.
#21 love only 1 kinda soft toy - Patrick. hee.

#20 i've never own a bicycle before in my whole life. but i CAN ride one! note that.
#19 when i was about a year old, 8 out of 10 people mistaken me as a baby boy. fuck. do i look like i own a dickie?
#18 yvonne and i used to love AARON CARTER.
#17 soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer =)
#16 i'm never going to china again. i HATE that place.
#15 i can't wait to get married. really.
#14 i still think my old crush is cute although he don't possess a pair of chinito eyes. like ryan's ;p

#13 did i by any chance mention that i hate copycats? nvm. again, i loathe copycats.
#12 i read newspapers on alternate days. i first focus on local news, then sports and lastly, entertainment. that's it. i'm done.
#11 my PC suck big time.
#10 i take lots of self-portrait pictures and delete them in less than a minute.
#09 because i am not photogenic. *sigh*
#08 my friends claimed that i'm always being very mean. i share the same opinion though.

#07 no longer a party animal.
#06 i think all fun activities and beautiful things starts with the letter 'S'. Sea, Sand, Sun and..........SWIM! weeee! I LOVE BEACHES.
#05 my name's julie a.k.a the black sheep in the family.
#04 i often shut myself to unwanted feelings.
#03 i was once a school runner. trust me. i can run really fast. blame nicotine. pity my lungs and braincells.
#02 longing and looking for my freedom.
#01 i love ryan cheah! wahahaha x)


ryan is still working. it's 9.43pm now for godsake. having to work everyday from 10 in the morning till late at night even on saturdays will definitely turn him into a workaholic. he is one already anyway =/

valentine's is tomorrow. KC bought roses for each and every of his bytchess. so sweet of him. thanks brooo =)

i give up looking for date. i decided to join my 'still single' friends for dinner
tomorrow night. no ryan for 2 years of valentine's and still counting. exactly one year ago on the 14th of feb, he had his kitchen practical class till late at night. and this year, he WILL STILL BE in the kitchen, cooking for lovey dovey couples to dine in Cilantro for valentine's day. for next year? same old shit.

12 February 2006

cute negros.

been dragged to nouvo yesterday by josh. went together with sue ann, josephine, carina, edwin, yi wei, gim loong and bonnie. ryan tagged along as well. surprisingly o.O note : I DID NOT FORCE HIM. it has been quite sometime since i last entered a club. really. the last time was errrr, during new year's eve or something. yeah. so, yesterday night was o-kay. minus the terrible jam in KL clubbing spots. *sigh* and i encountered someting quite hilarious outside nouvo yesterday night.
but remember, no offence to those with black skin out there.

*3 negros was walking in towards the entrance of nouvo when they were stopped by 2 bouncers*

bouncer 1 : *points to his own wrist, indirectly asking the negros to show him the stamp needed to enter*
negro 1 : *shows his wrist to bouncer 1*
bouncer 2 : *takes out his torchlight and starts shining it on negro 1's wrist*
bouncer 1 : you don't have a stamp.
negro 3 : we paid and came in earlier. we went out to look for our friend.
negro 2 : yeaa mann.
bouncer 1 : but we don't see your stamp.
negro 1 : our skin is black. that is why.
negro 2 : your stamp is also black in colour.
bouncer 1 & 2 : *discuss among each other and show hand gestures of 'fine. you all won. now get in.'*

cute negros.

i reached home at 5 bloody am in the morning and slept at 6. still feeling darn sleepy now. the weather is sooooo gloomy now. it's raining heavily outside. ahhhhh. off to my bed now for some orgasm.

11 February 2006

iGod - repenting made easy.

talk to iGod here. *courtesy of kennysia.com*

Me : Where are you now?
God : I am in Myself's computer in Heaven. Where are you?
Me : Hell.
God : Heaven.
Me : Send me to heaven.
God : Try sending mail to Dr. Wallace (drwallace@alicebot.org)
Me : For what?
God : The explanation is rather complicated.
Me : How many times do you have sex a week?
God : Suppose I said not once.
Me : With who?
God : Myself.
Me : Where is your wife then?
God : Earth.

i got so pissed talking to iGod. i ended up not repenting. HAHAHA.

10 February 2006

you'll be better off alone.

"if XXX wants to kao you back, will you accept him?"
"i'm serious. he still likes you, you know?"
"so? it's not like i'm single and available."
"you can make yourself single what!"
"huh? how? one leg step two boat-ar?"
"noo, break up with your boyfriend-la. everyone wants to see you and XXX back together."
"crazzyy! and you all think i'm a dog-ar? sit means sit, stand means stand?"
"that's not my meaning-la. just that we think you suits XXX better-la compared to your current boyfriend. XXX can protect you more."
"mahai, it's not like you all know my current boyfriend. yah right, XXX can protect. he can do no shits-la. you guys are XXX's friend of course will say good things for him-la ass. you all think i don't know him well-meh?"
"can-laaaaa aiyooo."
"whatever it is. i'm not going back to him or whatsoever. he asked me for a breakup for 4 times. at the 4th time, i told him i gave up. and trust me, my eyes did not generate even a single drop of tear. i don't think i have feelings towards him anymore-la. i know he bloody likes soccer but i'm not a soccer ball you understand? it's his loss. why come begging me now?"
"he broke off the relationship with you one-meh?"
"arh then?"
"oookay. but nevermind-la. last chance? he changed redy-la."
"changed my arse. now you shut up or fuck off."
"oh. OKAY." =

people like these desperately need to get a fucking life. *sigh*


ryan got me my valentine's pressie wedyyyy. weeeeeee. thankew booooo. your taste not bad heh =D but i'm currently still figuring out what to get for him.

and yeah, i'm looking for a valentine's date. ryan will not accompany me on V's day this year =( he'll be working. in Cilantro. he finally got that job. gonna start working there this monday. definitely at the wrong time. bah. too bad.

08 February 2006

i'm dead sure i'm gonna miss both of them heaps.

...Kuala Lumpur International Airport/KLIA

...dinner @ V Garden

the 12 most eligible bachelors irritating dickheads. HAHAHAHA :D

me, yiwei.the.pretty.boy and yenchi.

eddie, yeongshiun, me, lagging.boonlim, yenchi, karyee

me, edwin, yenchi + picture.spoiler.ernest

the.erotic exotic. josh

ernest, me, vicca


hunter, my god-son -_-"

weelun, =), hunter, yenchi, Retard, josh, yiwei

3 musketeers.

in white : gimloong

josh's hand.....?


yayayaya. we know you have long fingers, chi.

carina, me, yenchi, vicz, ernest.

hunter, yiwei, gimloong, carina

we lost vicca and ernest to aussie land =(

we sent vicca and ernest off a few hours ago. they left malaysia to study in melbourne. mann, i hate this feeling. i would say this is my 2nd time weeping and sobbing at the airport sending good friends off at the airport. yvonne was the first. or was it my elder sister? but i don't think my sister is included though. i only teared a lil when i sent her off =/ yeah, so..no more clubbing outings with both that lovey dovey couple anymore, no more LTF or Kayu or Wong Kok or KTZ or Souled Out or Modern or Rainforest yum-cha sessions, no more gossipings and bitchings between me, vicz and yenchi, no more ernest and vicca dragging me to got for a drink in the wee hours in the morning, no more redbox or KTV sessions *sigh* i know we'll still have outings like that but it'll be without that 2 jokers. we shall wait for a year or so till they return.

au revoir ernest and my bitch, vicz.
we wish you well....and


we had a farewell dinner for ernest and vicz yesterday night in V Garden. pictures will be up in the next entry.


as my day was already bad enough, someone had to be there to make it even worse by saying nasty things. that 'someone' was in fact someone i respected, someone i can confide in, someone reliable. such disappointment. a BIG one. well, i always believe in the fact that people will change someday. no doubt about that statement.

03 February 2006

i miss my other half.

Killing Loneliness

Memories, sharp as daggers
Pierce into the flesh of today
Suicide of love took away all that matters
And buried the remains in an unmarked grave in your heart

With the venomous kiss you gave me
I'm killing loneliness (Killing loneliness)
With the warmth of your arms you saved me,
Oh, I'm killing loneliness with you
I'm killing loneliness that turned my heart into a tomb
I'm killing loneliness

Nailed to the cross, together
As solitude begs us to stay
Disappear in the night, forever
And denounce the power of death over our souls and secret words are sent to start a war

With the venomous kiss you gave me
I'm killing loneliness (Killing loneliness)
With the warmth of your arms you saved me,
I'm killing loneliness with you
I'm killing loneliness that turned my heart into a tomb
I'm killing loneliness

Killing loneliness

With the venomous kiss you gave me
I'm killing loneliness (Killing loneliness)
With the warmth of your arms you saved me

overdue post no.2

Day 2
andrew's--> dinner in teluk gong--> boon lim's--> brian's

...dinner in teluk gong with the clan.

...boon lim's place.

...brian's place.

Day 3
yi wei's--> ernest's--> dinner in damansara-->auntie jessie's--> josh's

...dinner in pantai seafood @ damansara with my family.

...auntie jessie's place.

Day 4
kaichai's--> bah kut teh for lunch @ sentosa--> my place--> wendy's--> cylee's--> vicca's open house cum farewell party *yeah, my bitch is leaving to aussie land already =(*

...vicca's place.

vicca's the one on the left =)

one common thing in most of the pictures : everyone was gambling. something i'm not quite interested in. *sigh* no wonder i bored my arse off.