20 December 2008

You only live once.

You only live once, so live it with passion and desire. Learn new ways of doing old recipes, learn new cultures, don't let your mind get too set.

Eat the things you love the most, drink what you like the best, sleep when you need peace, dance when you want to feel alive. It makes your heart beats faster so that you can thrive.

Listen to the music that enchants you and take you to another place. Love to the depth of your soul, feel it with all your heart, and never let it from you part.

Let others love you too, if what they feel for you is true. Feel free to be you, to speak kindness, be caring and forgiving of yourself and of others. We only have one chance at this living thing.

Miss no opportunities of meeting someone special in our lives even if it might means a heartache or two along the way. All loves in our lives are worth having and they always happen for a reason.

Always take that chance, it is always worth no matter what, and the outcome, only heaven really ever knows.