25 August 2008

berpindah-pindah wtf

new house? i like!
new office? i like!
shifting 2 places at the same time? i don't like =/

i am so tired mehhhhhhh ;(

14 August 2008

Leave Out All The Rest

I'm strong on the surface
Not all the way through
I've never been perfect
But neither have you

12 August 2008

22 now.

mummy. daddy. joyce. jasmine. ryan. ruby. ahlai. hunter. auntie jessie. yiwei. mayyen. yacheng. damson. meimei. vinnie. jo teh. joan. ivan. hueiting. tammy. stacy. mayyee. unklejonn. alvin. beeyin. natalie. jesslyn. rachel. asrar. michelleM. virgo. juvan. justyn. wayne. hawa. may. janice. voontze. agatha. joanneQ. cathy. yumin. chengyee. andrew. kuotuan. hueyyee. weiloon. waikit. angel. miss anna. michelleT. pekyee. andy. shieming. sueann. micheleQ. mingchoi. jerry. julio. evelynn.

a big thank you to the above peeps for the birthday wishes. appreciate.

07 August 2008

wishlist 118.

  • a burberry long wallet
  • new pair of oakley to replace my old one
  • audio system for my darling ride
  • o.z wheels for my darling ride
  • a new tattoo
  • some cash
  • more tattoos
=) =) =)