29 November 2005


"i was very much impressed when you started off with your oral. i have no doubts about it. but for your practical, to me it was a COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT. i know you can do better than that. are you feeling very nervous?"

DAMNNNNN. of course i am nervous! i know i can do better-lah. but too nervous then whuttudo? die-lorh. *sigh*

28 November 2005

i love trance music.

  • .....because i love being in the state of trance.
  • .....because i love how they can guide me from euphoria to dysphoria. [yeah, i love being unhappy, so?]
  • .....because i love how it makes me high.
note: TRANCE is not TECHNO or tet-no* or whatever you call it. TRANCE is not la-la fengtau music. trance is trance fuckers.

27 November 2005

will be away...

i will not be free to post for these few days. so, meaning there will be less updates from me as my exams starts on monday. i need to study! the first paper would be that damn hotel management paper. arghhhhh. i've only done reading 4/10 of that paper. wish me luck people. or i shall see you peeps in hell.

a note to DH17 + DT17 bastards and bitches : stop studying-lah. you guys are smart enough to get Very Honourable with Congratulations from the jury. heeee. but anyway, all the best.

special note to those who have helped me throughout my ordeal : donkee, KC, virgo, rachel, vinnie, cylee, FQ, jie and kenwee. thanks alot people. owe you guys 1 roti canai or 1 milo ice each. you choose. HAHAHAHA.

going back to accompany my books now. see you!

23 November 2005

please pray........for me.

  • feeling terribly stress.
  • wanna scream my lungs out.
  • gonna knock my head to the wall or on the floor
  • ...and just die.
  • need someone hugable and squeezeable at the moment.
  • desperate for a shoulder to cry on.
4 more days and i'll be on my way to hell.

21 November 2005

creep creeps creeping creepy creepier creepiest.

scene #1
i dropped my sis to this bookshop near my house because i wanted her to help get me something from there. that bookshop is actually situated right beside XXX's father's shop/working place. so, while i was waiting in the car, i was thinking so much about the times when i accompanied XXX to help his dad out. i recalled many scenes and pictures. the last picture was actually his face =/ and the next moment, i saw him walking out of his dad's shop. i stunned. thank goodness my sis came out at the right time and i sped off, fast. because i don't want him to see me in my ugly torn pyjamas. HAHAHAHA.

scene #2
i went all the way to sunway to pick donkee from the condo where FQ and jie is staying. i waited in the car for donkee to come down and while waiting, i did some recalling of memories, again. i remember having this routine of picking up ABC from that condo before going to class and everyday, i'll have to wait for like at least 20-30 minutes before he actually decided to get his arse out from the house. i was damn furious and i actually screwed myself for being such a dumbfuck. afterall, i meant nothing to him. and he fucking took me for granted. the next minute, i saw his car zoomed pass. i stunned, even more this time.







...geez, this is so creepy.

i don't have the chance to meet up with donkee today. i was in college. he was in college as well. i was in classroom the whole time. he was in kitchen the whole time. we were just too busy doing our own stuffs lately *sigh. now i understand exactly what they meant by
so near yet so far. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

20 November 2005

ronaldinho is cute ;)

YAYYYYYYY. i managed to stay awake till 3am ;p slept at 5.15am =/ so, yeah. barcelona won 3 - 0!! with ronaldinho scoring not 1 goal but 2 !! he scored the 2nd and 3rd goal. the 3rd goal was superb. madrid's supporters even gave him two thumbs up for that. madrid's supporters were actually standing up clapping and cheering for barcelona when ronaldinho score the 3rd goal. the 1st goal was scored by eto'o at the 15th minutes. poor real madrid. ronaldo is not doing too good. beckham either. overall, i think yesterday's game was a little messy and too many fouls here and there. but it's quite exciting. bet it would be better if i wasn't watching that match alone ;(

Iker Casillas Fernandez the goalkeeper from madrid is sexy. but he failed to save goals. too bad.

back to my books and notes. see you peeps and have a nice day.

happy birthday to kar yee!

had a terrible massive headache again for the whole day. prolly due to facing too much of numbers and doing too much of counting i guess. i hate numbers by the way. so, was in virgo's house doing some revision together with donkee, kaichai, chengyee rachel, vinnie and of course, virgo herself. after that, went back to donkee's house and we took a few hours nap as i fcking slept at 4am the previous night =/ exam is driving me crazy. i had sleepless night. i can hardly shut my eyes when it's time for me to sleep. plus, i had so much to worry about besides my finals. shucks. now do you still think that my life is cool? trust me. it is not. you want my life? i'll bloody give you my life. F.O.C!

it's 1am now and i can't sleep. but on the other hand, i don't know if i can stay awake till 3am. arghhhhh. i wanna watch that real madrid vs. barcelona matchhhhhh! i'm a real madrid supporter. i am also a barcelona supporter. that is why i'm not placing bets. hahaha. ronaldinho will have to scoreeeeeeeeeee! weeeeeeeeeee. i just bloody love his set of teeth :E *that E is representing his teeth btw*. i'm lame. i know.

this shoutout goes out to karyee..i'm here wishing you a very happy birthday. i'm so sorry i'm not able to attend the dinner just now. i know that you know what i'm going through right now. yeah exactly, my finals. i'm definitely gonna make it up to you after my finals. you "put time-put place!". heeehe. i really hope you enjoyed yourself just now and i shall see you soon.

[edited at 2:19am]
i bloody miss you baby. that silly and cheeky face of urs popped out all of a sudden. hehe. just wondering what are you doing right now. i love u to bits ass.

16 November 2005

dragon squad.

i've recently watched this new chinese movie which is currently showing in cinema, Dragon Squad. This movie is directed by Daniel Lee and Chin Kar Lok being the action director. Movie is starred by Michael Biehn, Sammo Hung, Lawrence Chou, Vanness Wu, Xia Yu, Simon Yam, Shawn Yu, Maggie Q, Eva Huang and Li Bing Bing. i would say that this show is quite interesting and exciting although the story line was a lil' confusing and messy in the beginning. the action scenes were good but this movie has the typical 'the-gangsters-died-and-the-cops-achieved-their-mission' ending. well, almost similar to that new police story movie (starring jackie chan and nicholas tse). certain part of this dragon squad movie made my knees go weak. some scenes were kinda gross actually although most of the grossest part has been cut off and censored already. what i hate most about this movie is the part when eva huang was shot dead by maggie Q. god damn it. that chiq is bloody cun. how can she die, ehh? *sigh* and the reason why i like this movie? heh. it's because of..

HIM. bwahahahaha!

i think vanness wu is cute and sexy despite the fact that he is from 'we-are-gays F4'. i hate the rest of the F3! i would love vanness even more if he is not one of the member from F4. HAHAHAA ;p

here are some of the screenshots from dragon squad.

xia yu, lawrence chou, shawn yu, eva huang, vanness wu

these are the..erm, gangsters. heee.

yea, she's the chiq i was mentioning about. cun, eh?

the squad.

my good-looking. hahaha.

so, end of my movie reviews. now, go watch it ;)

donkee finally got his new pair of slippers. after so long. sorry ;p i wonder what is he gonna use to re-pay me back. well, i ain't gonna ask for Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Prada. those Burberry wallets below will do just alright. hehehehe. now i'm 100 bucks poorer. sponsors, anyone? or do you prefer to get those stuffs for me? hahaha.

14 November 2005

please inform. thanks.

i'm currently having some difficulties with my tagboard @ chatbox. if the tagboard doesn't appear whenever you visit my page or another window came popping out saying that "Your operation timed out while attempting to contact cbox.ws", please inform me and let me know. i've tried to fix it already but i don't know if it is working now. thanks alot peeps.

13 November 2005


yesterday night was great. me, baby, FQ and jie had fun driving around klang valley. no-la, i'm exaggerating. we went roaming in KL. eyed for some ah-kwas and prostitutes in chow kit road. then we err, we drove to mont kiara and hartamas. FQ showed us where Flinders is, the place he and jie is currently working. after that, we head to bangsar to spot for chiqs and hunks but we saw none. lastly, we ended up in sunway watching the england vs. argentina's friendly match. and ENGLAND wonnnn! and we wonnn toooo! ..we won some cash. i bloody won a piece of 50 bucks. ;p 50 bucks is fckin alot when u're fckin broke. nehh. oh, i have a question. is it not normal for a chiq to like and watch soccer? my friends think that it's not normal. but i think it's pretty normal. i don't know how some guy can stand not watching soccer. it's so bloody interesting!

baby, jie and FQ came down to klang this afternoon. we went to beef's house to do some revision. "so-called" revision. HAHAHA. god damn shit. i'll be having my HR assessment tomorrow. my trials is fcking near. and soon i'll be having my finals. so, what the fuck am i still doing here?

12 November 2005

we need more outdoor events in malaysia next year! argh.

Atmospherique La Maison @ Mines Square, Malaysia

TwelveSI celebrates its 3rd birthday in the manner of 18th Century France, with 8000 revellers expected to party evening into night in an ambience of fashion and drama. Atmospherique La Maison offers up present and former residents, DJ Love, Willy, Gregoire, Donovan, Bobby B, Hum, Jose, Romel and Joey G on a musical platter, with European acts Cosmic Gate (damn, i fucking love Cosmic Gateeeee!!) and Romain winging their way in to make special appearances. RM120, presale RM90, inc. four drinks.

Unfortunately, this event has been postponed due to the passing of our PM's late wife.
Next date: Unknown.


Further in Singapore,

Zouk Out!

10 Dec 05 Siloso Beach, Sentosa - Singapore’s definitive and celebrated annual dance music festival ZoukOut continues its tradition of bringing Zouk’s spirit and energy to the great outdoors and an even wider audience. Five years have passed since the local dance music scene experienced its very first mega music festival; and with growing support from locals and visitors by the year, ZoukOut returns once again - reigning as the region’s most spectacular and talked about party in South East Asia!

ZoukOut will be staged at the newly upgraded Siloso Beach on Sentosa; where it was first held in 2000. For 12 hours from dusk till dawn (8pm – 8am); ZoukOut will transform the sandy landscape into a magical clubland with four stages featuring a broad spectrum of genres including house, tribal, progressive, techno, trance, electro, indie, hip hop and of course the very popular Mambo Jambo.

This year’s blockbuster line up features some of the biggest artists in the ever-growing field of electronic dance music today, including World Number #3 DJ Armin Van Buuren; Way Out West’s Nick Warren; Techno Wizard Sven Väth; Tribal house heroes Chus & Ceballos; House legend Lil’ Louie Vega of Masters At Work; Chart topping hit-maker Martin Solveig; Peter Kruder of Kruder and Dorfmeister fame, Stephane Pompougnac of the best-selling Hotel Costes CD series and pioneer of Hip Hop turntablism Cash Money. And in line with the healthy resurgence of alternative live music, ZoukOut hosts a live stage featuring local favourites like chart-topping Electrico & scene veterans Concave Scream, both with brand new material from their upcoming new albums; riot-rockin Ronin; the clown- rock jamboree that is Tiramisu; and new outfit, Slowjaxx Does Dallas made up of members from Stoned Revivals, Force Vomit and Moods.

Design collective Lichtfront VJ’s from Cologne Germany, will be responsible for the synchronized live visuals, their singular pursuit being the interpretation of sounds directly through images, reacting to the rhythms and feel of the music.

In addition to the stellar lineup of A-list foreign and local acts, there will be non-stop entertainment with free carnival rides, interactive action games, quirky palm & card readings, live art demonstrations, all amidst a plethora of 'out of this world' dancers & performers.

There will also be the return of ZoukOut’s partnership with the global festival of innovative moving image, RESFEST, for an exclusive screening of 90-minutes of the freshest cuts from this year’s stellar selection of features, short-films, motion graphics, animation and music videos from around the world as well as previously unscreened material.

And when it all seems too hectic, rejuvenating massages, make up and other goodies will be available to keep clubbers looking pristine at the coastline.

Cultural and language barriers aside, ZoukOut is THE dance festival that truly brings clubbers from all of Asia together under the common denominator of a feel-good, exuberant experience. It is this dynamism that has made ZoukOut the 'MUST GO' dance festival for tens of thousands of music fans from all over the region.

More info @ www.zoukout.com
Overseas ticketing info @ www.zoukout.com/overseascontacts.html



NOTE : 90% of this post is courtesy of Xes @ www.xes.cx

09 November 2005

scream your lungs out.

class started at 9am. i bloody woke up at 8.30am. took a quick bath and zoomed outta the house real fast. thought i was gonna arrive fckin late. but with my driving skills, i arrived at 9.06am ;p say fck you to mr.p******! he bloody gave us some exercise and decided not to enter the class. screw him for making me rush. thank goodness i arrived in one piece. or else..i'm gonna be dead by now and i know you people are gonna fckin miss me. HAHAHA.

the bunch of machos a.k.a donkee, FQ, jie, jason, edmund decided to head to redbox after class. by the time they rang me up, i was already in donkee's house waiting for him to return home. my class ended earlier. so donkee don't have a choice. he gotta go all the way back to pick me up and then head back to sunway again as i was too lazy to drive. HAHAHHA. so nice of you baby. i give you two thumbs up ;p so basically, we had fun screaming our lungs out. and jason had fun playing his playstation =/

that marks the end of my day. erm, not exactly actually. now i'll have to continue hunting for more information to complete my goddamn assignment. i've got no class 2morrow. weeeeeee. adios amigo people.

a very happy birthday to LengOnn. you're a big boy now. be good. hee.

07 November 2005


i was browsing through one of my friend's blog. there, she wrote that she recently lost one of her friend because she did a mistake by giving that girl's already-broke-up boyfriend a peck on the cheek infront of her own boyfriend. *okay, i know it's gettin' a lil confusing here. but do you get what i mean? if not then, please don't proceed any further* now, that girl is saying that she regretted having my friend as her friend. she said that she is an Asian and she can't accept the fact that other girls is actually kissing her boyfriend. on the other hand, my friend claimed that her friend is jealous because that girl's boyfriend always have heart to heart conversations with other people but not his own girlfriend. *oh damn now i'm confusing myself* nevermind.

after reading this post of hers...the first thing which popped out from my fuckup brain was..


wait, i'm gonna make it clear first. i wasn't very angry. but i wasn't too amused either. i only stunned a little. because she did that for no apparent reason. because she did it infront of her own boyfriend. because she fucking did it infront of me. as though i was invisible =/ no, as though WE WERE invisible. yeah, maybe we are. but anyway, i did not keep that crap deep down in me although i am an Asian. that friend of mine prolly enjoying doing that to satisfy herself. or maybe she's trying to grab some attention. or urm, just to deliver that 'hey, i am very open-minded unlike you people' message. now what i'm still curious about is...nevermind- we shall drop that topic. but feel free to tell me what will your response be if you ever put yourself in my shoe. as for me, i did nothing. absolutely nothing. i just bloody stood there. haha.

anyway, i'm back from my 8 days trip to china. i don't quite like this trip. that place is dirty, dusty, messy. the people there are rude. they spit anywhere and everywhere. if you accumulate the amount of saliva that they spit, it can really drown malaysia. the citizens smoke like a chimney and they'll exhale right infront of your face. i ate the same fucking food for 3 meals a day for 7 fuckin' consecutive days. the toilets stink like..like..i don't know what. the toilets have got no doors. they don't even provide a proper toilet bowl. just a drain. ohmymy, now i feel like puking already. sigh. that fucking country make me sick. i had fever and flu from the 3rd day onwards until today. now my skin are starting to itch. i can see red dots =/ i think i have got SARS. haha. just kidding. fuck man, i love malaysia.

but i dare say that the sceneries in china are superbly beautiful.

look at that beautiful!!!....scenery.

i don't know what is the purpose of ringing the bell 3 times. i just do it. heh.

my younger sis and me.


this is just plain stupid.


me and mum.

me, my elder sis and james. i don't know what's up with his coconut hair. haha.

that's me in the thrishaw ride =P it has been a while since i last rode in a thrishaw.

okay okay. enough of pics.

it's bedtime now. good night.

[edit] : i am certainly not bitching about that friend of mine although i do bitch around =) in her blog, she said that humans have the rights to voice out comments, opinions or whatsoever. so yeah, that is what i'm doing. if YOU ever come across this blog of mine and know that you are the one i am talking about, please, i think you seriously need to reconsider doing the stuffs that you do. and for those who happened to know her or who i am talking about, go ahead and tell her about it. i don't give two shits. because as i said, i am not bitching about her.