29 April 2005

finally! my nightmare is over! TG!

*haven't been blogging for a long time already. cos i was not at home these few days as i was staying in PJ :)
*nothing much actually..past few days we had rehearsals for tht damn dinner. on tuesday, the rehearsal was at 9pm! how crazy is that..so, the 27/4 event is finally over! everyone said i was good *aherm* and i LOOKED good. *aherm once more* LOL x) well, organizing events like that is quite tiring and stressful but it was fun i admit. u know what's the fun part? we do not need to attend classes. all we do is sit in the library, talk talk talk and talk. haha. and i was the MC, so i do not need to do anything besides practising on my speech. heh.
*i'll be going for my training in like 4 days time. i dont wanna go at all. i dont feel like going at all. helppp..going for training is not a big prob actually, but going without my baby is a big big prob.
i wonder if i can survive 2 months..i'd prolly die of boredom..plus, i wont be seeing him so often these 2 months..*sobs. another nightmare is gonna haunt me real soon.. .
*baby i miss you :(

"Feeling like you've been so happy lately that you'd better buckle down and get some work done? Well, don't. Everyone who knows you is happy for you and hoping that you'll give yourself a break before you burden yourself with responsibilities -- of any kind -- again. That means you can say 'no' to overtime without anyone minding. Enjoy this break. You've earned it, in more ways than one."

Uhrm..well, no comment.

24 April 2005

adidas adidas adidas..arghh!

*had my lunch in Chili's @ MidValley..Shiena treated..LOL. then we bought her some C.Dior's stuff..hrmphhh. she wanted to get herself one of the adidas superstar anniversary sneakers but couldn't find it. so i showed her another pair..even more cunted one. now she's so in love with that one. no, i mean we're all in love with that pair! damnnnnnnn. i gotta get it! fuck, sometimes i wish i was a millionaire and my dad is a tycoon. haha.
*baybeeeeeee...u know i love u much much right? can i have that pair of shoeeee? *wink wink*
hehehe. miss you loadsssssssaaaaaa.

happy birthday my dear Shiena!

*woke up kinda late today. about 12. heee ;p me, jazz and mum went 1U..just came back from USJ not too long ago. went for a drink and a puff with edwin, ernest, vicz and wkit. damn lame these few days since baby left..i gotta occupy myself with something to do. tskk..
*it's shiena's birthday today! Happy birthday gurll..will be celebrating it with her tomorrow since her boyfriend won't be around..poor us..now u know why we're always sticking together :)
*i miss you beeeeeeeee..faster come back-laaaaaa..argh...

"You are far from here, that is why I can’t help but to want you near............"

23 April 2005

i know u don't mean it, but i have feelings.

*sigh, i was saying the other day that m'sia is not a safe place anymore. well, it really is. kaichai's laptop got stollen in college today in just a blink of an eye. prolly not even a blink. it's quite a long and surprising story and i don't think i wanna mention it here cause i know he reads my blog sometimes. then, he'll get really upset. :) *i actually felt sorry for you ya know?
*and i was also mentioning the other day about how my auntie's car got stolen? hah. here comes another story about her. she drove my uncle's Lexus to the town to buy something. in like less than 1/2 an hour, she came out. she then found the driver's seat mirror/glass got smashed up and the Smart tag in her car is gone. See how crazy can these people be..*sigh. so anyone with smart tag in their cars, becareful. that's why i always keep mine in the dashbox. hehe.
*today is a mad mad day. human can be really mean although i know they don't really mean it. they're just making a joke out of it. but they gotta understand, i'm only a human and i have feelings. damn it. but i know that fella felt sorry after that. fine. for once i believe that forgive is to forget.
*baby went back to his hometown again today :( i miss you linggggggggggggggg. see you on monday! :)

21 April 2005

i am so sick. help.

*i can't remember what i did for the past few days cause i'm so sick right now. i'm blank.

Moi horoscope..
"Be careful who you flirt with today, because it will be all too easy for you to capture someone's heart without even trying. Does that mean you can't talk to anyone at all? Well of course not -- but confine yourself to your very own sweetie as much as you possibly can. It would probably be best for all parties concerned. Especially since getting rid of any new admirers won't be easy."


baybeeeeee, i miss youuuuuuuuu :(

17 April 2005

it's a sunday, finally.

*it's finally a sundayyyyyy! tomorrow is a monday and i'll be going to college again! fuck, rotting at home this few days, god damn it. B is on the way back :) but don't think i'll be meeting him today. by the time he reach it'll be like 11pm. there's no way i'm gonna drive out so late and so far anymore..*sigh*
*malaysia is definitely not a safe place anymore. my aunt's harrier just got stolen while she was going into the car. that 2 fuckin' indian guys just blardy pushed her in and drove the car away. but before that, the driver came down and went at the back to look for something. he held the 'parang' in his hand when everyone on the street is looking at him..how crazzyy..they then drove my aunt somewhere, took all her belongings..her necklace,rings,bag,watch bla bla bla. those items cost more than me i think. *sigh..and the funny thing is, they return her 50 bucks and asked her to take a taxi home. gawddd..these people...i'm speechless!

My Love horoscope for today....
"Everyone's got their eye on you. You've just got a certain magnetism that's hard to resist. So don't be surprised when your sweetie is more than happy to get you whatever you want or need."

hrmmmmmm..good one. but they just won't come true. hehe.

What's playing? X-Japan - Crucify My Love

16 April 2005

damn, i miss him.

*had my dinner with 3 of my gurlfriends. then back home. 5 minutes later, i'm out again with my guy friends,5 of them.
*my tummy hurts like fck.
*went Midvalley with my younger biatch sis. shop shop and shop. :) boringggggggggg dayyyyyy.

Currently listening to Blurry by Puddle Of Mudd

15 April 2005

rain2 go away come again another day..

*yawn..supposed to be in college at 9am today but i reached 1 hour later. overslept! LOL. TG no one screwed me up. hehe. completed the 2nd sample of the programme booklet, but i know it'll get rejected,again. poor me and KC. *sobs* only both of us did it and the rest went to Times Square to hunt for the costume.
*it was raining heavily for the whole day. driving in the heavy pouring rain is sickening! headaches.
*met up with Dexter in Level 7 today. =) it has been soooo long since i last saw him..hrmph.
*will be going out for dinner with my buds in like 20 minutes time. signing off... .

14 April 2005


*had our usual group discussion in college this morning. Our 1st programme booklet got rejected. LOL x) damn it, we're currently working out on the 2nd one. me and kaichai will be in-charged. hopefully it'll work out. ugh..
*found something meaningful in one of the forwarded mails i got. It says...

"When everything seems to go wrong...just P.U.S.H
When the job gets you down...just P.U.S.H
When people don't react the way you think they should...just P.U.S.H
When your money is "gone" and the bill is due...just P.U.S.H
When people don't understand you...just P.U.S.H"
P = Pray
U = Until
S = Something
H = Happens

13 April 2005

4 days = 4 years?

*picked kaichai to college today as well. Our 1st programme booklet is finally ready..will be proceeding the the 2nd one i guess? was so bored in college today cause we don't have much things to do *sigh* went to B's place after that, nice- :)
*B gone back to his hometown already. he'll be leaving me for 4 days..:( and that damn 4 days feels like a 4 years to me. hee ;p i want my popcornnnnnnnnnnnn :(

Do you believe in horoscopes? Well, i do. =)

"It's safe to come out now, and almost safe to make plans again. But you might want to give anything important -- anything you really need to come out the way you've planned it -- another day or two. So before you set your most important plans down on paper, spend some time dreaming them up. That's really what today is perfect for, anyway. The good news is that you might even come up with someone who won't stay just a dream forever."

Currently listening to Natalie's Going Crazy..superb-

I gotta let you know I feel so weak without your touch
I never thought that I could ever love a man so much
I gotta let you know I think that we are destiny
For you I'd cross the world, for you I'd do anything

Thats right baby I'm going crazy
I need to be your lady
I've been thinking lately
That you and me, yes we can make it
Just ride with me, roll with me
I'm in love with you baby

A note for my lil'B : I miss you..Take good care of yourself and remember, I love youuuuuu! x) mwah.

12 April 2005

nightmare started.. .

*freakin bored in college today =/ went for briefing and some group discussions *sigh*
*MC = nightmare MC = nightmare

Currently listening to The Calling - Could It Be Any Harder *sigh* meaningful song.. .

You left me with goodbye and open arms
A cut so deep I don't deserve
You were always invincible in my eyes
The only thing against us now is time
Could it be any harder to say goodbye and without you,
Could it be any harder to watch you go, to face what's true
If I only had one more day
I lie down and blind myself with laughter
A quick fix of hope is what I'm needing
And how I wish that I could turn back the hours
But I know I just don't have the power
I'd jump at the chance,
We'd drink and we'd dance
And I'd listen close to your every word,
As if it's your last,
I know it's your last,
Cause today, oh, you're gone
Like sand on my feet,
The smell of sweet perfume
You stick to me forever,baby
And I wish you didn't go
I wish you didn't go,
I wish you didn't go away
To touch you again,
With life in your hands,
It couldn't be any harder.. harder.. harder

11 April 2005

MC? no way-

*finally started our management assignment..supposedly RD's job is an easy task but i don't think mine is. they elected me as a MC. yes, u got it right..Master of Ceremony..i think they're out of their minds. totally crazyyyyyy! together with me is my partner, Kaichai! haha ;p
what the guests is gonna receive on that day is a stutterer who stutters from the beginning till the end of the event..fuckin' helllllllllll !! i think i'm gonna get nightmares tonight.. damn.

My horoscope for today..
"Feel as if you're surrounded by adoring fans? Well, you are. This is different than usual, though. These adoring fans aren't only after you for your charm. This batch is interested in your smarts. Nice, huh?"

oh nooo...help....

10 April 2005

hot! hot! hot!

*what kinda weather is this man? i'm sizzling!!! even if it's at night...crazzyyyyy *sigh*
*no ciggie for me today..hehe. woohoo, i'm on my way.. ;p

Currenly listening to : Guns N Roses :.: November Rain

Happy B'day Keith :)

*hrmm..i'm so fuckin' sleepy but couldn't sleep. damn tired. argh..
*8th of april, we're officially together for 6 months. sounds like a short period of time but it felt like i've been together with him for 6 years. haha. i know i'm exaggerating. ;p it was a friday night, we went to Piccolo Mondo for dinner. :) i love you donkey..
*on the same night, Jasmine came back from melbourne.
*9th of april, went to 1U with my sis and B..bought nothing cause i brought my sis there to get her "I.U day's clothing"..u know how nervous can they get when it's their 1st time attending functions like that..LOL. she's gonna kill me when she reads this. hahahha. and sorry darling if u've wasted a few hours tailing us..aiks, not tailing-la..accompanying i mean. hehe. but at least i gave u your popcorns. ;p
*did not even take a puff today. so proud of myself. haha. i'm gonna try to quit smoking for some reason..but definitely not because of my B..he doesn't control me :) wish me luck.

Happy Birthday to Keith =)

07 April 2005

Happie Birthday Tammy!

*woke up 1 hour later than the time i'm supposed to..hehe. thanks bee, for the wake up call. hehe. mwah. =)
*went to 1U and bought something for tammy from MNG. it's her birthday today anyway. Happy birthday! bee and I were supposed to watch Hitch before that, but i think it's a waste of time. u know? u spend like 2 hours in the cinema watching movie and by the time u got out of the theatre, *poof* ur whole damn 2 hours is gone.haha. if u know me well enuff then u'll know that i dont quite like to watch movies in the cinema. unless i'm really really bored! ;p so we went home to continue our Triumph in the skies. I know we're kinda outdated-la watching it after everyone does. But who givva fck?

Muh horoscope for today..Lets see..

"Suddenly, you're in the mood for a trip -- a nice long one to a far-off place. Bet you won't be going alone -- how about taking the person you've been spending all your time with for the past few days?"

Holy shiettttttt, this is so freakin' true! *tsk tsk tsk*

06 April 2005


*all i have to say is, life is so fucked up.

Have you ever felt so unwanted?
Have you ever known unfairness at the age of 3?
Have you ever suffered so many blows to your spirit that you thought it is going to crumble and fall into heaps?
Have you ever felt the hurt from cutting words dissolving into your self-esteem, forcefully making a powerful bitter potion?
Have you ever wished you were dead on your own birthday?
Have you ever forgiven your torturors over and over again,and yet they still continue to gnaw at your spirit,creating new wounds and exposing old ones?
Have you ever died and become happy?
I know I want to.

Attn: Yvonne Chan Summ Chi ;p

Yvonne is a liar, yvonne is a liar. She told me she's gonna quit smoking..No, she told me she had already quit smoking. This is for you Yvonne, ..l.. ! Take it..LOL!

05 April 2005


*don't know why i'm feeling so depressed.. .felt damn fuckin' bad. i don't know if i've taken the right step. i hate myself. i hate myself for doing that to her. but i don't have a choice..because. . . . .
arghhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

"you owe me nothing, yet my heart wants more...."

Currently listening to : Juwita Suwito - Breathe Again

04 April 2005

Monday Blues...

*slept damn early yesterday..12am! (it's consider early for me..) that's why i woke up damn early today at 8am. But laze and roll on the bed till 11.30 then i'm officially awake. hehe. pig me.. . :P
*baby is on the way back now..will be reaching in 1/2 an hour time or so.. :)
*today is gonna be a booooooooriiiiiiiiiinggggggggg dayyyyy..*help*

What my Love Horoscope says today :
"Kahlil Gibran wrote about spaces in your togetherness -- unfortunately, you're clutching so tightly, there's only room for togetherness. Relax and find some solo space for each of you."

Who on earth is Kahlil Gibran? LOL x)

03 April 2005

I Hate disappointments-

*was out for a drink in Starbucks yesterday night with my gurlfriends. Came back about 12..Sat infront of the idiot box till 2.30am =/
*Fck- he did not keep his promises again. I know it's not his fault..I'm not putting the blame on him..But i'm somehow still feeling very disappointed..He'll never know how much i missed him..
*Got myself tonnes of mags to keep me occupied during the hols..how lame-

02 April 2005

Happy B'day Yvonne dearie!

**2nd of April, hrm, time flies. I'm gonna go for my industrial training once more in like a month time. *sigh* this time without my baby :(
**It's Yvonne's birthday today! Dunno if her present reaches her. Hopefully. But since she gave us the wrong postcode, hahaha..it's her prob-la! Who the fck cares ya nene? ;p
**I think baby will be coming back tomorrow. I miss him! x) Mwahhhh!