25 October 2007

"Without you,
I've been standing 'round like a statue,
laying on the floor thinking about you,
I talk to myself like the crazies do,
otherwise I'm great, what about you?"

18 October 2007

"kingkong living in the jungle mah! wtf." Hahahahahahaha.

i wish i was a tiger,
i can eat you alive.

i wish i was a man,
i can fuck the shit out of you.

15 October 2007

...of monday morning and no need to work!

ryan woke me up so suddenly this morning asking me to go to work.

"wake up! no need to go work ah?"
"*mumbles* herh? work, work? today what day?"
"monday lah!"
"oh izzit? shit shit shit...*think think think* eh fuck no, today public holiday lah tiu!"

i almost got conned.
my poor boy has to work.

HA! my 2nd baby! :D

check out that freaky pair of leg.
credits to my sister.

it's only 10.33am and i don't know what to do.
have a good day :)

11 October 2007

cannot tahan.

5 Things In My Bag:
a) wallet

b) soiled tissue papers
c) cigarettes
d) fisherman's friend
e) urm, i found a box of staples

5 Things In My Wallet:
a) identity card

b) credit card receipts -_-"
c) 2 pieces of fugly passport photographs
d) 50 ringgit note - one and only piece *cries*
e) atm card

5 Thing I Like Most In My Room:
a) the bed

b) the parfums
c) pat pat & po po
d) everything
e) else

5 Things I Would Like To Try:
a) bungee jumping

b) parachuting
c) don't
d) know
e) dei

5 Things I Am Doing Now:
a) this

b) munching on ken kudo's ferrero rocher
c) listening to bon jovi's classic hits playing on AZ's macintosh.
d) thinking..
e) and thinking..

i am so lazy i have to steal this tag from mr.yap.

how do you handle braggers?

bored lazy tired exhausted dreamy annoyed distressed drained fatigued jaded weary laa dee dah..

feeling demotivated already?

some pictures from yiwei's farewell party @ maison.
yah-lah so outdated already.

i'm lazy wtf.

yiwei in green. looking..very drunk.

vanessa :) su ann peilee siongteng josephine

hunter. ok, that's not his real name.

no more! back to work :[

08 October 2007