08 May 2007


this post got me laughing like mad.
no, i tried controlling my laughter like mad.
i'm in the office wtf.
this dude is silly.

thank you, tiu.
for your time and effort to make me feel like a goddess.
i'm impressed.
but fact is still a fact.
the fact is that...
i don't even have an hourglass or pear-shaped body lah wtf.



Tiuniasing said...

Ah Girl Ah Girl don't be mad,
there is nothing wrong with your rack,
be it shaped like a pear or a cat,
you still made Ah Tiu get so fucking wet!!

Julie said...

damn, it rhymes!
bravo bravo!

leo said...


oh my god...


Julie said...

gosh, leo..you actually laughed harder than me. hahahahhaa.

munaks said...

wat the toooooooooooooooooooot

Julie said...

wth munaks. you toot-ing me or toot-ing Ah Tiu?

yapthomas said...


wat tiu is all these??

wat has become of this world!


munaks said...

this bitch has a big rack? you got to be kidding me, i think wan hang some cuttlery also cannot wor, where got rack hihihihihi

Julie said...


i also don't know what tiu.
maybe u shud ask tiuniasing.
lol :P

damn you. like u've seen them before wtf.

alexiolim said...

Hahaha... u already got 1 follower... might as well start ur own religion & let every1 bitch... i mean pray upon u. Haha.

Julie said...

i got follower?? since when? whooo?
u wanna be the first one?