31 May 2007


after all the blood, sweat and tears,

the weep and wail,

torment and agony,

pain and misery,

the torture and exasperation,

it's the pay day yo.

sorry, too much of drama.


couchwerk said...

yea..hee hee you damn freaking right there.....wtf

Anonymous said...

fcuk ur boss lar, lets go drink to de-stress

Julie said...


:P yeah, it applies to all working slaves out there =/

Julie said...


hell yeah. dont wanna drink anymore lah. super 'chan' okay my face. like zombie!!!!!!

couchwerkz said...

Yeah , slaves i agree, but the way you put so much drama in it....cant believe how true it is...life has been so full of drama, and even more dramatic when you find that the end of money and end of month just doesnt jive! there's always still many days left when the money finished....sigh!!

Julie said...


ahhhhh. that's very very much true. i agree 110% with you. dang! but life's like that. and the fact scares me so much. we work to live. not live to work :(

Simmy said...

happy spending gal !

Julie said...


LOL. thanks =P