30 August 2005

flashback <<

*that damn road reminds me of all the ol' shitsss. the heartaches..the tears..the pain..everything.
-sigh..whatever =/ i'm not in the mood to blog anymore. will be back 2morrow or something. and yeah, it's merdeka eve today peepz. enjoy!

28 August 2005

steamboat? *sweats*

*well..yesterday was great...hung around in baby's house in the afternoon..watched him play HB and i..fell asleep =/ heh..
*my bunch of college mates came down to Klang..they wanna eat steamboat *sigh [i don't really eat steamboat..and baby as well. hah!] but nvm. so, brought them to bkt tinggi. 8 of us in total..me, baby, kaichai, jie, fq, jason, virgo and kahmun =)
*after steamboat-ing, we head to beefong's condo for her so-called birthday party. it's not really a party-la actually. we're there to chill..have some drinks and fags..yea. basically, that's it. and..beef got thrown into the pool tonnes of times..over and over again. LOL x) and i've never met any drunkard who admit that they're drunk already. beef's the 1st. hilarious.
*i miss my boiiiiiiiiiiiii *mwahs*

26 August 2005

happy birthday to Jiiiiiiieeee!!!!

*woohoo. it's a fridayyyy ....and happy birthday to my big big big big brother Jie!! why do i call him my big big big big brother? heh..good question. refer to the picture below and u'll know why...;p hahaha..ugh. it's everyone's birthday...now u know why i'm always so broke =/

[the one standing right at the back there is Jie!]

[and this is his doggie..don't they just look alike?]

24 August 2005

happy burfday beefong =)

*..skipped another workshop in PJ hilton =/ only went for 2 times out of 4 times..smart me. hey, i'm sick okay!
*happy birthday to beeeeefong! heh..

23 August 2005

happy birthday to Virgo!

*heh..sowee. was to sick i forgot to post this up. a very happy birthday to virgo!


*god damn it. i'm sick again. well, this time more to cough and sorethroat. having only slight fever..i can feel dunno how many tonnes of phelgm down my throat..and when i cough them out..my goodness. they are green in colour..heh heh heh. ;p
*only attended french class today..we finished the syllables earlier..so we ended up in the library watching that french movie "Taxi"..it was quite funny though..skipped finance, again. i was feeling so uncomfortable and went home =/ couldn't afford to cough so hard and loud in class..i might annoy some ppl..and i dont feel good spreading the germsss around..lol x) then i went to the doctor alone and got my medicine and..MC. haaa.

22 August 2005

done with the report!

*finally done with the fckup report..never got enough sleep these days..slept at 4am yesterday and woke up at 7+am to complete that damn thing..*sigh..cannot blame me-la..i'm doing 2 person's report..mine and ryan's =/
*i've been thinking alot lately..been thinking too much my brain almost explode..i seriously need a break..from everything.

...dear U, please tell me it's not true..but i know someday somehow i'll have to hear it from you.

21 August 2005

recharge revelation beach party in PD..rocks

*i'm back from raving! mann, it was gooood..heee..was there with ryan, my sis and James + some of their friends..James booked a 2 rooms apartment for sis, me and my boy =) thanks dude! james and ryan drove..and the jam was terrbile! lucky shit we started our journey quite early..it's so sad that i have to bring my laptop over in order for me to complete my assigment..=/ but till now, it's still not done yet! my assignment is due tomorrow!! and i can still blog..heh heh ;p the rave ended at about 4am..but me and ryan went off earlier cos we were starving like fck and our leg was aching like hell..checked out at about 12pm today and we start our journey home..hrm..i think it's one of the best rave in m'sia so far..and i'm looking forward to more of those..bwahaha!
*i'm sick of my damn assignment..do i really need to hand it in tomorrow? someone please tell me it's not true..*sigh! have a good day everyone! julie out!

[my sis : me : and who?]

15 August 2005

fck tha report.

*was out with kaichai and chengyee in central yesterday night. it's a last minute plan. kaichai was too bored and he wasn't too happy cos of something..so u know, being his good friends..me and chengyee have to come out-la. kaichai, u better learn how to appreciate us ! we're one in a million..hahaha!
*skipped front office class today. i don't feel too good.......ended up in ryan's house doing my report and HIS report. yes, i'm doing 2 fellas report all by myself..am i good or what? but dont think would give a damn bout it..cause he's my baby :) LOL. *a note to Dabedo0 : chou tak yat teng chou pei lei geh! heee.

14 August 2005

shop shop and shoppp

*this is the 1st time i ever felt so good on sundays..nope, i'm not telling u why :)
*went for a shopping spree with mum and sis..all of us bought something..for jazz and dad as well..but, i bought the most stufffffffffff! huahahahaha! don't blame me, it has been sooooooo long since i last shopped o-kay? i deserve it!
*haze no more!! thanks to the heavy pouring rain..i can see clearer, i can breathe better. how good is that? and now, i can go anywhere i like without anyone nagging moi! *yes ling, i'm talking about you =)

13 August 2005

ryan's not around :(

*ryan's not gonna be around this weekend..i'm gonna be darnn bored! i miss you piggggggg!
*will be going out soon to starbucks with shiena, tammy and ccy =) adios ppl!

12 August 2005

i'm finally 19..=)

*oh well, first of all, a very happy hazy birthday to myself..i finally turned 19 on the 11th..hehe. alright. it's now time for a recap..on the 10th night, the gang went to yiwei's house to give him a surprise as it was his birthday. he actually thought no one was gonna call him out to celebrate his birthday..everyone ignored his calls and all..hahha. damn it was funny. then they intruded into his room while he was bathing..thank goodness he was not naked when he came out ;p ...we drove him out to have some drinks and met up with hunter and Ky. they got him a cake and he blew the lighted candles at 12..it was my birthday then. both of us were asked to get the candles out frm the cake and "u know what's next!"..dont think i need to elaborate more..*sigh. cheese+cream+cake = total mess.
*the next day..i went to college as usual when everyone was expecting me to be absent..but the last 2 classes were canceled as the haze was terrible! so, thank me everyone. they actually canceled it cause it's muh big big day..wuahahaha! ;) at nite, ling celebrated with me..he got me a cake and sang me a birthday song ;p how cute..heee. actually i was supposed to go out with my college mates but we canceled the plan..there's nowhere we can go and i dont want my friends to get sick..u know what i mean..i went home at about 11.30 that night.
*as soon as i reach the front gate of my house, i was cursing like hell as cars are blocking the road and there's no way i can actually drive through..unless my car owns a pair of wings..as i drove nearer, all the cars seem sooo familiar. i saw a bunch of monkees hanging around..hrm, u know who they are. my bunch of friends again. they actually waited patiently for me for god knows how long..hehe. so, we went out for a drink and they bought cake, again. dont think i need to say more...but it was realllyyy a terrible mess compared to the night before. for those who know how i actually looked like that night..please keep ur mouth shut! and ernest, i'll manage to delete that video of from ur phone! gawddddd..
*well, i guess that's about it...thank you so much people for the surprises and efforts..the birthday wishes..sms-es..gifts..everything! i appreciate it alot..and yeah, not forgetting my ling. thank you for the present and everything that u've done just to brighten up my day. i love you always..=)

10 August 2005

happy 19th birthday to yiWei! =)

*woke up damn early this morning..we had to get our asses to PJ hilton, again. did the same laundry thingy. crap!
*it's yiwei's birthday today! happy burffffdayyyyy!

08 August 2005

encore et encore..

*crap..it happened AGAIN! doing it once don't seem to be enough for her..she just love to turn things upside down. i wonder why..this world is so unfair. fcuk!!!
*gonna have my 1st assessment for this term tomorrow..front office assessment will be the 1st..wish me luck. ugh! still having trouble with my IT report..*sigh..
*went for DH17's Food Promotion just now. the food was o-kay..two thumbs up for my baby's fish fingers and onion rings. hahaha. I couldn't believe Mr.Kwong actually dare proposed to his "wife" in event like these! salute him 100 times!! ready with his "love speech" and roses somemore-la! my the gawd..

06 August 2005

"i believe in you"

*people, try listening to this song by Joe with Nsync. it's not a new song though..but definitely worth listening. really meaningful..now take a look at the lyrics. cheers.

I never believed in dreaming, it never got me very far.
I never believed that love could find me, like an arrow through the heart.
I never believed in miracles, or building castles in the air.
Not until that day I found you, turned around and you were there.
From the day you came, you gave me, a whole new point of view.
I've been touched by an angel, it's impossible, but true.

I believe in you.
I swear that forever from today, no one will ever take your place.
I believe in you.
And I believe our love will last always.

I never believed in fairy tales, tho sometimes I wish I could,
I never believed that golden slippers could ever find the perfect foot.
I never believed in magic, or that wishes could come true,
But your very first kiss changed all this, something only you could do.
You made me a believer, you made me trust again,
You showed there's a pot of gold, at every rainbow's end.

Only love, sets you free,
And if you serve to fate, then you're my destiny.
Now I know, now I see.
Anything can happen, if you just believe.

05 August 2005

dirtysweatysticky. euwww. all thanks to Mr.Sun =/

*yeah, that's how i'm feeling right now. it's so damn friggin hot i actually gulped down a big glass of icy cold Sprite in a few seconds..hee. before that i scooped a whole full cup of ice-cream and finished it in minutes. i just love ice-creams. *slurppp
*those assignments are killin' me softly..first comes the IT report which is the toughest, and then the PJ hilton's assignment, and we just got a new one today..some front office shit. =/ all carries damn high marks and all of the deadlines are almost the same..prolly like 1 or 2 days difference. help help help. i'm even having troubles with my finance!! and damn it, i have 3 assessments next week! shiettttttttttttt! holy holy shit. but u know what's the funny thing? i can still sit here blogging..teehee ;p pray hard for me people though i know it's a lil too late now. hahaha.

03 August 2005

hilton. beautiful back-of-the-house.

*nah, i wasn't talking about paris hilton. it's PJ hilton. but paris hilton is beautiful as well. i love paris hilton..though i know, she's such a biggie bitch ;) okay..back to the topic. Our whole class went to PJ hilton today..to help out in the housekeeping department. we were separated into a few areas..and damn, they put me into laundry 1st. nightmare. thank goodness it's over. but seems like it's gonna be tougher for me next week. who knows i'll be doing public area or something *sigh* =/ my whole body aches like fck now! oh yes, i just simply love their 'staff recreation room'..it looks like some kinda IKEA showroom to me..but really, the furniture and fittings are all from IKEA. no joke. they even have the big flat screen TV for the staff..a few PCs..like 5 or 6, a little library and some board games. The staff canteen/cafeteria look like McDonalds to me. frankly, i've never seen such back-of-the-house. but i guess most of you must not have entered a hotel's back-of-the-house before..so, it's hard for you to imagine. u'll prolly go like.."IKEA stuffs only what, what's the big deal?"..u know what i mean? =) nvm!
*visited my ryan today. he's still sick. but he did recovered a lil. poor boy. Another friend from his hometown came down to KL to visit him. He has such nice friends..=) one after another..hehe. it's thursday tomorrow. damn, i hate thursdays!!!!

02 August 2005

i just don't know what to say..

*crap, it's the time of the month. the cramps and backaches are killing me! helppppppp..
*it's now ryan's turn to get sick. i felt so guilty =/ he got the virus from me..sorry ling =(
*well, i suddenly dont feel too good after reading vicz's and chi's blog..i actually feel for them. all three of them used to live as ONE. but things are different for them now..it's such a waste. *sigh..after that, i realised something. i thought to myself..hello, where are YOUR friends? no, let me rephrase that sentence..it should go like..WHO are your friends?..i'm not just talking about the normal and ordinary close friends..what i meant was the kind of friends where you can really share your deepest and darkest secret with..the ones who'll go through your ups and downs with you..one who will lend you a shoulder to cry on while you give them urs whenever they need it..u know what i mean?...*sigh. well, frankly..i have NONE. I don't have a best friend. does that sound funny to you? or even weird? probably. but heck, that's the fact. and i'm used to it. life still goes on..

01 August 2005


*had a really great time the past few days..minus the fact that i'm terribly sick. but...i enjoyed being sick for the first time ever in my life..=) hot porridge + cold towels + lukewarm water = greeaatt..thanks ling. so glad that i'm fully recovered by now..more and more food is coming my way~