29 March 2007


ain't talking about the rock band goddamnit.

it just took me a good 1 hour figuring out how the fuck am i going to spill my thoughts on the world wide web. sometimes i respect those who are able to express and confess themselves in their blogs. don't they find it like, very hard? fuck myself for not having that ability. and another fuck for being too strong. too tough.

i am not delicate. not anymore. thanks to all the traumatic and tormenting experience.

btw, is being too strong something good?
i think it is not at all feminine.

28 March 2007


Your body, strong.
Your language, obscene.
Your actions, violent.
Your heart, it beats no more.

25 March 2007

prepare for gloryyyyyyyyyyyy!

sorry. too much of 300.
that movie was superb btw.

ryan's turn to get inked last thursday.

the 6 hours ordeal.

the very sexy bulu-less leg wtf.

ok no more. thxbye.

20 March 2007


i got myself inked last sunday. and man, it's addictive!
now i feel like i wanna have a second one already.

i damn bodoh i tell you.

after about 2 minutes of being zapped,
i asked joshua the tattoo artist, "err, have you started already?"
and he replied, "huh? YES?"

i felt no pain at all.
some told me my skin's dead -_-"

nah, upclose.

3 hours to complete my pretty fairy.
after that i was damn excite *oh no, too much of borat*
i mean sexcited.
no, excited. sorry.

TADA! pretty? pretty?
yeah, it's still swollen.

i went home and showed it to mom.

"wow. beautiful!"

i showed it to dad.

"yerrr. obscene!"

men men men.

then dad said,
"you should have done it on your back shoulder. i bet it's gonna look nicer there."
i told him i don't want to. it's not gonna look nice when i walk down the aisle wearing my beautiful sexy wedding gown with a big ass tattoo on my back during my wedding in the future. you just don't know what stupid impressions the ol' uncles and aunties gonna give you.

"cheh. how you know you're gonna get married?"

cheebye dad.

19 March 2007

smart alec.

cavin is way too creative yo.
he just suggested that we should place a cigarette vending machine in the office to cater to all the smokers.

such brilliant idea. i likeee *borat's accent*

hrm, maybe we can have one which looks like this. how coool.

13 March 2007


mad MAD Mad mad mAD Mad mad MAD Mad mAd mAD Mad MAd mad MAD mad mAd mad MAD Mad mad MAD Mad



09 March 2007

Christopher Wallace.

In Loving Memory of The Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie.

07 March 2007

jet lagged.

going on a hiatus for 1 week is very normal okay, calv.

goddamn sleepy now.
getting not more than 5 hours of sleep everyday from january till now is a serial killer.
drinking on sunday nights and weekdays is a bigger killer wtf.

arghh, i don't know what should i blog about.

*tick tock tick tock*

i really don't know.

last week i was browsing through the web for some tattoo ideas when mom suddenly came and sat beside me.

wow? what?
why are you searching for tattoo
cos i want one.
where you wanna have it?
not sure yet. still thinking.

you wanna do a butterfly?
no, i don't like butterflies.
how big do you want it?
urm, not too big. just average.
average? like your sister's one? (hers is the size of a...errrm, a cigarette box wtf)
well, maybe?
harh? so small ar? if wanna do then do a bigger one. do sma
ll small who can see? the bigger the better what.

whatta cool mom.