30 July 2008

Chelsea Chelsea!

I got to watch Chelsea live in the Shah Alam Stadium yesterday all thanks to Hunter for giving me a pair of complimentary Grand Stand tickets. THANKEWS! :) FOOTBALL IS SO SYIOK OK! How come so many people think its boring aye? :(

23 July 2008

the dark knight.


Can't believe I actually fell in in love with The Joker despite the fact that he is so violent, creepy and psychotic at the same time. That movie is so freaking good I don't know how to explain. But hiahhh, we won't be able to see him play The Joker in any upcoming Batman series anymore lah :( :( :( MUST GO WATCH THE DARK KNIGHT OKAY! Aihhhhh, my love, why must you die?

Once again, R.I.P Heath Ledger.

OH YA. The Joker is damn 7 funny. I mean all his indirect jokes lah. And it's damn bodoh that I was the only one laughing lor besides Ryan. The rest of the people in the cinema? Chiiews, no sense of humour at all. Boo.

12 July 2008

Dr. Feelgood.

Woah, I did not sign in here for at least 3 days leh! Never even view it lah although I'm on the computer at least 8 hours a day omfg. Tiu lor. I totally forgot about my blog. I think I wanna close it down. Or maybe move to somewhere where nobody knows so I can write whatever fucks I want. Then I won't get fake people to come and ask me what's going on blahblahblahblah. And whether do I need help and they can share their opinions. Then you thought "Wah, my friends are willing to listen to me! Ok, these are my true friends yay yay yay." So you told them everything lor. That's when they will tell you "Ooohh, I see I see. Now I know..Eh, got to run now. Catch up with you later!" After a month they still haven't come back to you with their piece of advice, but hor, 50 of your friends already knew about your problems leh. Hiahh. Maybe I will move to WordPress because I can put a password to my post. Correct me if I'm wrong. You know, I am feeling so damn 7 depressed and pissed now. My friends owed me money and don't wanna pay back lah cauhai. They told me they are very broke and dare not ask for anymore pocket money from their parents. Broke? Hmmm. They can drink 4 times of Coffee Bean a day. I can only afford to drink Nescafe 3 in 1 from my office's pantry. Sometimes Janice's Oldtown White Coffee. Heh. They can wear designer brand slippers when I am only wearing a MYR50 Paul Frank thong slipper. You see the differences? I have not been to the States or Europe, but they're traveling all around the world. They can club/bar hop all around Golden Triangle on weekends. I sit at home and sip on dearest JD Gold Label bought during my recent trip to Langkawi Island. It's Duty Free. And when I refused to club hop with them they call me an anti-social bitch. Eh, damn wtf ok. Aihh. But to be honest, I prefer to just sit at home and stare cock at my boyfriend lah. Not because I am too broke to go out. It's because I am too lazy to layan my friends. Everyone's so fake. I hate to put on that clown face. That mask. I hate pleasing people. And I don't need anyone to fucking please me.

I have got alot more shits to rant but it's so susah because I cannot mention names. I think I really need to move to WordPress.