04 January 2010

new year?

nothing's new.
hello everyone (that's if there's still someone). i've been on hiatus for 3 months. hahahaha.
i'm not exactly back yet. but was thinking i should write something.
life has been a drama for me. i mean year 2009.
trust me it's more dramatic than gossip girl or the gem of life.
hrmm i don't know what to say anymore.
it's year 2010. i have no new years resolution, no new target, no new aim.
everything shall remain the same.
so yeah, you all have a good year ahead. loves.

05 October 2009

The bitch is back. With still, absolutely nothing to write.

Why is everything and everyone so fucked up?

05 September 2009

..And she died.

28 July 2009


Destiny, destiny, destiny.

22 June 2009

Just have a little patience.

Fuck life. Seriously.

Emo chinese songs ;)

Let's cry together.

10 June 2009

All good things come to an end.

You've been a great friend, Mr.Pill.
Thank you for being there during the sleepless nights.

08 June 2009


Desperately wants to buy a new phone.
But too broke.
My life is so sad.
*Bangs head*

04 June 2009


I see a little colours :)
Move on, move on.

Oh btw, I have a new found interest.
Yoga and pilates!