30 September 2007

i loathe farewell dinners.

my dearest yiwei and sue ann's farewell dinner @ riblees, sri hartamas.

josh's bitchy face.

front: gimloong, weelun, myself, sue ann, yenchi, yiwei, fara, chonghow, kenghui
back: ally, su ann, josephine, yeongshiun, hunter

don't learn this, kids.

27 September 2007

i read people.
i seriously do.

no time for updates.
damn 7 busy shit also no time okay.

come to think of it, i have got tonnes of pictures to upload!

bai bai.

23 September 2007

just as i thought....

[this post has been deleted]

18 September 2007

your big day!

Happy Birthday to the BIGGEST
(POTATO) ever!
wah-raoz. this pose damn fail ok.

i hope you love the little surprise birthday party. i'm a bad bad organizer. but i think, it still managed to surprise you tiny bit. hehe. happy birthday and ermm, may all your wish come true. wtf, damn kolot right? -_-"

"Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come."
- Lucy Larcom

banyak-banyak love from,
your psychotic and aherm, adorable girlfriend.

11 September 2007

never too far away.

to go or not to go.
to go or not to go
to go or not to go.



kill me lah kill me.

02 September 2007


haircut chop!
short short shot fun fun fun!

i spotted this in The Star newspaper on 31st August.
51st Merdeka? weird.

and this, somewhere in KL.
wth is bamboo and wooden chicks?
anyone, explain to me wtf.

sunday sunday. wee wee woo hoo..