29 August 2007


24 August 2007

*stoom stoom stoom* hahahaha.

*points above*
that's the sound of my throbbing brain.
i think it's gonna explode - very soon.
like a time bomb.

super sleepy and weak now ok.
you can easily push me down with your one tiniest finger.
i have got a new achievement now.
i can sit up straight and sleep already! like FookQ.
nicotine does not work anymore.
caffeine either.
maybe some hugs and kisses.

today is beefy's birthday. i think i wanna throw her in the pool later tonight.
but i guess she would be so drunk and jump into the pool herself.

errrm, yuck. dickface.
i want to chop him into 11 pieces.
and stuff him into the refrigerator.
cb pretentious bragger.

i don't think i am quite conscious now.
i only had 4 hours of sleep and i feel like a zombie.
ryan's fault. he is so crappy i don't even feel like going to bed.
yak yak yak yak and yak. but it was so fun.
hrmmmmmmm, love him long time.

life is boring.
i feel like a 40 year old.
and this makes me wanna cry.
woo woo woo.

hello, is it 6.30pm yet?
no? crap.

19 August 2007

ava adore.

in you i see dirty
in you i count stars
in you i feel so pretty
in you i taste god
in you i feel so hungry
in you i crash cars

we must never be apart.

15 August 2007

the not-so-big day.

becareful hor. many pictures infront hor. don't say i no warn you ok.

my ruby girl and i went to Cilantro Restaurant and Wine Bar @ MiCasa All Suite Hotel last wednesday for my pre-birthday outing. coincidently, it was also my chef's last day there and i thought i would pay him a visit. check out my super yummy dessert platter lah.

i know, don't look yummy at all. wait until you taste them. you cannot blame okay. the lighting is really dim and we were using a cellphone camera =/ i will name the desserts soon. that explains the numberings. i need to check them out with my personal chef. sorry, i only know how to eat.

ruby's favourite past time is self whoring.

and whore others around her.

too many camwhore pictures of ruby i cannot afford to post them all. get them from me personally. local charges applies.

next up...

i had my birthday dinner at Riblees, Sri Hartamas one day before my actual birth date. reason being because it was my 2nd boyfriend's birthday on the 10th. yeah, one day before mine. he celebrated his birthday earlier and don't have anything interesting to do on his actual birth date. i don't want him to die of boredom on his big day so i had to celebrate earlier lah wtf. see, such good hearted friend. where to find? heh, and i like to make things sound complicated.

yiwei, my partner in crime.

my favourite peeps.
chi, david, ryan, gimloong, ky, weelun, the big shots.

thanks to gimloong for the candid shots.

now, a decent one.

my chi and her long pontianak looking fingers. hahahaha.

this one no need to introduce anymore.

thanks to david for his fantabulous performance. it's FOC btw. no charges incurred :D and i'm sorry i had to make you go all the way down to your ride to get your tools. but you're such a nice person i know you wouldn't mind. ok, i'm being a little thick face here. people, trust me. david is really good. book him for your whatever functions and your guests will leave will a big ass smile on their face. or either they will leave in shock. he is so good i am not gonna play mental games with him anymore. i've seen him performed many times but still, he freaked me out. very much.

later at night, josephine and ST came and join us for a bit.

thank you very much for coming peeps.
and also, for the birthday calls, smses, friendster and tagboard comments, and emails. merci beaucoup mes amis.

p/s: i slept throughout my big day. i did not get wasted. i never had a single drop of alcohol. not even a sniff. i swear. why you all don't believe me lah? REALLYY LAAAA. age is catching up lah wtf wtf.

14 August 2007

updating soon.
be patient unkle jonn.
i know you are waiting.
i am currently taking a break.
and digging good food.

11 August 2007

another.. .

it's my birthday today.
wish me lah wtf.

08 August 2007

cold turkey.

my insides all turned to ash, so slow
and blew away as i collapsed, so cold
a black wind took them away, from sight
and now the darkness over day, that night

and the clouds above move closer
looking so dissatisfied
but the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing

i used to be my own protection, but not now
cause my path had lost direction, somehow
a black wind took you away, from sight
and now the darkness over day, that night

and the clouds above more closer
looking so dissatisfied
and the ground below grew colder
as they put you down inside
but the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing

fuck. where?
nowhere to be seen.
very pathetic, i know.

06 August 2007

nothing else matters.

"I need a sharper nose."
"I think I will go and get my boobies enlarged."
"Give me Einstein's brain."
"I'm dying for a pair of long legs."

I want a better health.

[EDIT] 2.23pm

alright, i think i need to clarify something. i only want a better health. those i have quoted are what other people might want. and no, mr. thomas yap. i don't need to reincarnate, YET.

02 August 2007

"if everyone cared and nobody cried
if everyone loved and nobody lied
if everyone shared and swallowed their pride
then we'd see the day when nobody died."

thank you unkle jonn.