27 June 2007

you disgust me.

like hell lot.

i was chatting with M2 yesterday night and our conversation reminded me so much of the past. i'm pretty surprised how the whole issue is still persistently fucking up my mind. it still seems fresh and clear. like every single piece of word. every fragment. i'm afraid they are gonna eat me alive.

anyway, pictures from my langkawi trip are done. please give them some time to load ;)

my last trip to langkawi before this was 7 years ago. i swear i cannot remember a single thing about that island besides that crappy mahsuri place.

ryan and i took the earliest RM 9.99 flight [i know we are damn cheapo] at 10.20am while the rest took the 12.50pm RM9.99 flight cos the earliest RM9.99 has got only 2 seats left. sounds so complicating.

it was pouring heavily in langkawi our plane has to fly an extra half an hour before touching down. ryan and i then decided to rent a car from the airport and we got a 9-seater KIA Pregio instead of any other lau-yar van. super budget i tell you. 3 days for RM250. hehhh.

our resort was flooded when we were about to check in. like almost knee length? thank godness the flood subsided in no time. both ryan and i were drenched in rain already by then. after a hot bath, it's time to go pick up the rest from the airport.

for the rest of the days, most time were spent by the beach, stocking up cigarettes and alcohol, drinking, eating, drinking, eating, sleeping and just simply walking and exploring the place.

i will let the pictures do the talking.

check out their actions and expressions. priceless.

alex and his very classic pose.

you know what? all fun and beautiful things starts with the letter S. Sun, Sea, Sky, Sand and Se..what? did i hear you say sex?

we visited the underwater world of langkawi on the second day. i found my new friend.

clockwise : alex, waikit, weiloon, mr.lai, ryan, do i need to tell?

this is the very last glass on our last night which did us all real bad.

mei mei is mr. lai's other half and she is by far the sweetest and down-to-earth girl i have ever met.

i dread going back to work after my 6 days holidays. the remaining days were spent in ryan's hometown. i ate so much in TI i think my stomach has expanded. i get hungry every 2 hours. thanks to all the good food. but the weird thing about my stomach is, it gets hungry really fast only when i am on holiday and not on normal days wtf wtf.

k. that's all. bye.

25 June 2007

ruby bunny.

ruby's 21st birthday at velvet on 16 june.

monsters cum alcoholics of 7th floor - myself, birthday girl ruby, joan, cavin.

coincidentally, sis jasmine was there too with shirley and kenny. her table was next to mine. it became a bigger birthday bash for ruby. so nice to see everyone introducing themselves to each other aye. like a big big happy family!

kenny: last one! promise promise. ryan: oklah oklah. yah right. bullshit.

the not-so-fat chef.

kenny and shirley.

i introduce you the biggest camwhore on earth. shirley.

i sound so crappy today.
blabbering blabbering about nothings.
desperately need to get myself back on track.
ahhh. i want my holidays again.
time flies when you are having fun :-(

pictures from langkawi in the upcoming post.
i'm lazy. as usual.

22 June 2007


the biatch is back from langkawi.
but still recovering from alcohol overdosed.

have a nice day =)

14 June 2007

i am a big fat procrastinator.

uv nation.

i wouldn't say it's super fun. yeah, cause they ran outta beer! like what the hell? a rave? running out of beer? so chi-sin right? and the covered area was kinda stuffy and hot. it felt way better after we decided to squeeze our way through to the open air area, right infront of the stage. i succeeded with a lot of help from ryan of course. or else i would have drowned in the horrifying crowd. but overall, the event was good. partly because of the psychopaths i went with and scot project. and *cough* some hunks.

p/s: i'm not gonna post pictures of the venue, the crowd, djs whatsoever. i think you've seen them in everyone's blog already. but still, please allow me to post just 1 picture of my scot project =)

uv nation - one nation one tribe @ 1utama 9 th june 2007
yeah, these are the psychopaths i was mentioning about.

bow to my man! his locks are super damn cool k.
i was like 3 rows in front. so syiok.

the not-so-macho men. aherm. excuse the sweaty dirty and oily faces.

my usual kaki. emo calv!

cannot think of any caption lah wtf.

we 'checked-in' at about 9.30pm and 'checked-out' at 3am after they announced that the party has officially ended. champion. but we managed to take a short break when bass agents started spinning. got a few psychopaths to drive out from 1U to tahpau-ed some food and 20 bungkus of iced water. cause yeah, the bar ran out of beer and all sorts of drinks by 1am.

supper cum super early breakfast at 4am in centrepoint's mcdonalds. by that time, we were all feeling pretty drained out and exhausted. no one even bothered to open their mouth to talk. we just sat there staring at each other which i think is freaking hilarious. and needless to say, i was the first to burst out laughing.

err, so who?

ryan became the #1 suspect.

but look!

okay, now we know who. this bugger always reminds me of...

damn similar right?

but anyways, he then got his...

he was forced to roll down from the car.

excuse my stupid stories. i was just being lame and lazy. half of my brain is sleeping. one quarter is dreaming and the other quarter is ermm, sleeping.

cavin is so annoying. he kept singing the song Maria by his beloved Kim Ah-Joong over and over again. he is trying to destroy my ear drums. what a bitch. and you know what, he always talks to himself. so eerie.

12 June 2007


one friend introduced me this korean movie called 200 pounds beauty. i fell in love instantly! with that..actor.

Joo Jin-Mo.

you can even achieve orgasm just by looking at him. and when he smiles, you achieve a combo. so sexy. heh. anyways, two thumbs up for that movie. it was good. that babe is so gorgeous someone day dream about her 24/7. *cough*cavin*cough*

oh, i shared the same birth date with that sexy dude okay. so proud wtf.

check this video out. that kid is so freaking cute i feel like i wanna go born some baby and teach them how to say.."WHATEVERRRR!"

sorry, this is a very random post.

i don't know what else can i blog about.

uv nation pictures on its way!

06 June 2007

what's your name?

people addressed me with tonnes of different names.
some are funny and silly.
some are depicted from my real name.
some friends even named me after my personality and character.

i actually almost lost count of how many names i have.
julie. yen lu. lu. little lulu. lulu. lie lie. emo momo. biatchjulz. biatch. julz. 'fan shu' (potato). mushroom head. miss anchovy.

see, so many.
yesterday, someone got me another new name.


thank you, ruby.

i have yet to ask her why she gave me that name.
it's either i look like a cat or a porn star.
i guess it's the former.

05 June 2007

the biatch's very own version of Q&A.

your question...
you swear alot, don't you?

mat 7? where you pain, maderphucker?

your question...
why did you cut your hair so short?

'cause it's my hair and not yours.

your question...
how come no solo picture of you in your blog?

i am not a camwhore. i don't see the point of putting up 101 pictures in that same freaking blog with you standing at the same position, wearing the same fucking piece of kinky shirt. well, posting up pictures taken during vacations or parties whatsoever is another different story.

your question...
you are a hardcore clubber right?

i ain't a clubber. been ages since i last entered a club. i like raving. i am a party goer. there is a v a s t difference.

your question...
you like fairies too? like kinkybluefairy?

wtf whoever who likes fairies are copycats of kinkybluefairy? this is so not rational. dear lord, where is the justice?

your question...
wow, i see you like football. this is not what girls like, right?

oh wtf. girls cannot like football? hrm, maybe i should start hanging fluffy furry soft toys and colourful bells on my mobile? or, wear pink hairbands? and start camwhoring? like a real girl.

happy now?