31 January 2006


1 word - t.i.r.e.d

28 January 2006

it's CNY's eve today!

will not be blogging anytime soon. it's CNY's eve today. it's the first day of CNY tomorrow *d'oh* i'm darn busy! Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone. don't worry. go ahead and gamble. i'll be your lady luck this year. u're definitely gonna win. and erm, 50% of the earnings will be for me okay? *w0000ff*

26 January 2006

i'm a certified blur arse.

i remember setting the alarm on my mobile to 7.30am yesterday night. i bloody woke up at 8.30am! mann, i was friggin' panic as my class starts at 9 am.

oh damn. it's mr. tayboon's class. i'm so gonna die. i don't think i ever arrived early to his class before -_-". i took a really quick bath. i did not even shampoo my hair. i grabbed any piece of top and bottom i can see in my closet. i grabbed my bag and file and voila, i'm ready to go. it's 8.56 alreadyy. ooh la la. so.fuck-ing.dead.

i went downstairs and grab the car keys.

mom : there's a packet of nasi lemak for you in the kitchen. i'm going out now.
me : no time for nasi lemak-lah! i'm so damn late already! why you never wake me up?
mom : your class is at 11am today what. (my mom knows what time my class is starting cos i wrote her my timetable. you know, just in case if i couldn't wake up =/)
me : is ittt? *takes out my actual time table and have a look* mytheGod. how stupid.

2-3 minutes later, donkee called me up.

donkee : wake up already-arh?
me : yessss. obviouslyy. -_-"
donkee : going to college now?
me : i tell you arh, i damn kao sohai(stupid) man .......................................i told him the story.
donkee : HAHAHAHA.
me : *sigh*

i went back upstairs. get changed. set my alarm to 9.45 am and officially woke up at 10 am. haha. i'm arrived early to class todayy. weeee.


virgo is back in indonesia. we miss you-lah dear. hahahahaha. enjoy your CNY back there!

24 January 2006

Cilantro restaurant and wine bar @ MiCasa hotel.

had a great night yesterday. ryan surprised me by bringing me to Cilantro, a fine-dining restaurant at MiCasa Hotel in Jalan Tun Razak, KL. note : a TRULY romantic fine-dining restaurant.

he called me up while i was waiting for him to return home from work.

"ling, i suggest you better go back home first cos i still have work to do."
"oh wohkay."
"but you have to come back to my house again later."
"cos i'm bring you to Cilantro."
"hahaha. yah right. bullshit."
"seriousss. no joke. the chef say if i wanna work for him i firstly have to taste his food. then he asked me whether if i have a girlfriend. i asked him, is it really so important to you? he said, yes, because if you come alone you'll spoil my restaurant's atmosphere. and if you come with a guy, my staff will think that you're a gay."
"harh? got such thing one-arh? hahahaha."
"yeaaaah. so dress nicer okay. got to go now. call you later."


eh wtf? trying to say my dressing not nice-arh? pundek.

went back over to his place at about 8.30pm. was stuck in a massive traffic jam for almost an hour. bloodyshit LDP. so many cars and lorries breaking down. at the wrong time. *sigh*

later i found out that he wasn't really making a joke. he made a table reservation for 2 pax and he really brought me there. haha ;p

the outlook and surroundings of the hotel and restaurant did not quite impressed me at first. but once you step into Cilantro, you can definitely feel the luxurious and sophisticated ambience. low lighting..deep shadows. perfect. Cilantro, highly acclaimed as one of the two best fine-dining restaurant in the city according to some websites offers contemporary French cuisine with some Japanese influence. heh, no wonder i had trouble selecting my choice of food from the a la carte menu. i'm not too good in french. and i know nothing about japanese language besides mushi mushi, gomenasai, sayonara and arigato. but thank goodness i understood the word Unagi in the menu. haha. yeah, so while we were trying so hard to make our choice of food, the restaurant manager came over and told us that it would be better for us to let the chef know what we can eat and what we can't eat. it seems that it'll be easier for him to prepare a special menu for us. nehh, now i felt like a VIP *aherm*

so, ryan and i ended up eating a 6 course meal! we thought it was only gonna be a 3 course meal or something. then we realized, "eh? how come the server prepare so many set of cutleries?" mannn. 4 more course to go! at that time, we were only done eating the 3rd course. it was supposed to be a 7 course meal actually. but damn, we were so goddamn full and requested for chef kimura to stop cooking. hopefully that blur looking chef wasn't feeling too disappointed because we never taste his best course. but he looked like he was. erm, sorry-lah. we don't wanna waste good food-leh.

course #1 : a cold salad contains half a tomato and some weird looking vegetable dressed with some kinda i-dunno-what-is-it-called vinegar.
course #2 : truffle (edible fungi) pasta. superbly good.
course #3 : japanese mushroom consomme (a clear soup made of strained meat or vegetable stock) this course is even better! yum-ster.
course #4 : cooked with quite a huge piece (piece?) of scallop and medium rare pan-fried foie gras (foie gras = goose/duck liver I THINK. and was it even pan-fried? i don't know. i'm simply guessing.)
course #5 : poached seabass (i'm not sure if they really poach or steam them.) served with a piece of crab meat and some black squid ink. haha. sound disgusting heh? it looked disgusting as well. but the taste was awesome.
course #6 : supposed to be some lamb meat or lamb rack but we bloody gave up.
course #7 : jeng jeng jeng! the dessert platter. contains 5 kinds of different desserts ranging from cakes to ice-cream to jelly to fruits bla bla bla. YUMMY-LICIOUSSSSS!

note : guess i'll have to modify the descriptions of the dishes later. i don't quite understand what i was writing about. haha. i'll wait till ryan is free to help me get them right. bleh.

chef kimura really does know how to create perfection. every dish was creatively presented, simple yet eye-catching. and 2 thumbs up for the dessert platter!

L to R : beautifully carved mangoes and strawberries, the chocolate lava cupcake (heaven!), tea flavoured ice-cream, some damn sour grapes topped with damn sour kiwi sorbet (donkee, sour eh? bwahahaha. damn nice ohkay.) , some oh-so-delicious pudding served with bits of coffee jelly and ice-cream.

finished our dinner at about 11pm+. the bill came up to about RM300+ (the after discounted price *we're VIPs heh* or else it would prolly be like double or something *sweats*) and we thought that it was worth the money. hallo, damn many course wei. all in all, we went home with a bloated stomach. but i wouldn't have went home with a bloated stomach if ryan was smart enough to ask for a smoking table. i cannot digest myself-lahhhh! ryan is damn smart. oh yeah. and i remember asking him a question during the dinner. and i would like to ask him now, again.

"ermmmm, this is not a pre-valentine's day dinner right?"

i hope not.

p/s : too bad i only managed to take down pictures of the dessert platter. i don't wanna take pictures of every single dish because we might make ourselves looking like some sua-ku/kampung/village people. look at the poor quality of the other pictures. i had to take them without turning on the flash on my mobile. how pitiful.


23 January 2006

wes brown, marry me!

ahhhhh damn. man utd won 1-0. liverpool lost -_-" thought it was gonna be a tie game. rio ferdinand scored on the 91th minute. arghh. lucky shit. i don't hate man utd. don't get me wrong. i still support man utd because i love wes brown. bwahahaha. wes brown with his plaited hair....heaven. .

gonna hop on my bed now. to study. having law assessment tomorrow. the first assessment for this fuckin term. au revoir.

22 January 2006

the shopaholics.

donkee and i finally got the chance to spend some quality time together over the weekends. we watched The Shopaholics in 1Utama yesterday night (all thanks to me cause i went to 1U earlier in the afternoon to do some shopping, so i bought the tix as well). The Shopaholics is another chinese comedy directed by Wai Ka-Fai, starring Jordan Chan (the major reason why i actually chose to watch The Shopaholics instead of Pride & Prejudice), Cecilia Cheung, Lau Ching-Wan and a few more other not-so-famous actors and actresses. the movie is mainly about Cecilia Cheung who got dumped in the shopping complex the moment she was born and then grew up having the shopaholic disorder. thus, she went and consult her psychology doctor, Lau Ching-Wan who has this "making-choices disorder" himself. basically, everyone in the movie have a disease to deal with. well, The Shopaholics is the kind of movie which make you go, "huh? don't make any sense at all". but on the other hand, it's funny. really funny. to the "real shopaholics" out there *aherm*, go catch that movie.

i love jordan chan! ;p

i'm gonna watch Pride & Prejudice next! guess i'll have to drag my bitches along with me to watch that movie or just pay a bloody 10 bucks or so to get the DVD. there's no way donkee's gonna watch that movie in cinema with me. ZzzZzz.


got my hair chopped in Hair Room about 2 hours ago. my hair is much shorter now. ahhhhh. good good. i'm lovin' it. ;p

20 January 2006


i miss ryan. period.

19 January 2006


dear you,

i'm on my way to lead a different kind of life.
the one which is not multicoloured.
things are changing.
they are no longer the same.
they're not alike anymore.
not like how it used to be a year ago.
we're now drifting apart.
but i can't let it show.
the feeling is weird.
and rather torturous.
i'm feeling so messed up now.
i feel all alone.
yet i still can't find my pillow of comfort.
i need you, the kind soul to fix me back.

someone in need.

p/s : this hell has laughters but not with you, and streaming tears because of you.

18 January 2006

i ain't insane. well, maybe a lil.

was in library during my 3 hours break today when rachel and turtle-cylee started browsing through my mobile for mp3s to be bluetooth-ed (does this word actually exist?) to their phones. the results : they found my unknown awesome collection of trance music. hahaha. yeah, unknown. at least to them. they are well-known okay girls. note that i ain't talking about dj tiesto's traffic or benny benassi's satisfaction -_-". but thank goodness rachel was far better than turtle-cylee! having a massive headache talking to her. -_-" -_-". she should know what i mean ;p yeah, so, i was telling them a bit about trance, how much i love trance, when do i listen to trance and how do trance music actually "motivates" me. believe it, i sob while listening to euphoric trance. they claimed that i'm crazy. ask the trance freaks out there and they'll explain to you why. now, turtle-cylee is trying hard to enjoy trance music. she wanna try to catch some 'kek'. sorry, i don't know how do i translate that word to english. hahaa.


    i had a dream last night. a sooper dooper cun-ted dream.

    ahhhhhhhhhh. how i wish.

    nvm, i'll entertain you with the story of my dream right after i introduce this song to you. understand the words to the song. it's meaningful.

    lifehouse - blind (i love lifehouse. they're good. i love the lead's voice. deep and low. but i don't like his face. too gay-ish. haha.)

    I was young but I wasn't naive
    I watched helpless as he turned around to leave
    And still I have the pain I have to carry
    A past so deep that even you could not bury if you tried

    After all this time

    I never thought we'd be here
    Never thought we'd be here

    When my love for you was blind

    But I couldn't make you see it

    Couldn't make you see it

    That I loved you more than you'll ever know

    A part of me died when I let you go

    I would fall asleep
    Only in hopes of dreaming
    That everything would be like is was before

    But nights like this it seems are slowly fleeting

    They disappear as reality is crashing to the floor

    After all this time
    Would you ever wanna leave it

    Maybe you could not believe it

    That my love for you was blind

    But I couldn't make you see it

    Couldn't make you see it

    That I loved you more than you will ever know

    A part of me died when I let you go

    And I loved you more than you'll ever know

    A part of me dies when I let you go


    i know i promised you the story of my dream. but i'm feeling all lazy and sick now. the fucking flu is back. i'm suffocating already. and my bed needs me. see you peeps.

    16 January 2006




    15 January 2006

    please fckin entertain me.

    fuck saturdays and fuck sundays.

    so friggin' bored.

    had dinner with donkee yesterday night. lame-d at his place the whole night until this morning. he bloody slept at 11 something and left me alone till 4 am in the morning feeling so restless. the reason being because the perverted indian fucks neighbour staying beside his condo BOOM-ed loud indian music or perhaps movies (i can't tell the difference because indian movies has lots of singings too.) till the sun almost rises. i should have went down to the security booth and lodge a complaint. but come to think of it, ugh better not. they might break into my 2nd home and rape me anytime. you know, since i'm often alone at home. so, the indian fucks finally decided to sleep at 4am in the morning. brainless.

    all in all, i slept at 4am in the morning as well like the perverted indian fucks. (i have my own reason why i addressed them as the perverted ones. it's a rather long story.) donkee woke me up at 7 am this morning. don't ask me why. i re-sleep back till about 10am.

    but still, i need some sleep badly. but i can't afford to sleep now. i don't wanna be an owl tonight as i have class tomorrow morning. ughhh. good day everyone.

    ^ ^
    ( v v )
    x x


    fuck fuck fuck.

    total disappointment disappointment disappointment disappointment disappointment.

    it was only a piece of mask. and nothing else. a piece of mask which fool only a single soul - me.

    11 January 2006

    no regrets.

    one of my friend asked me a question today.
    he asked me,
    have you ever let go something precious and then regret it later?
    i thought about it for awhile,
    and i answered,
    no. i've never regret letting go anything at all.

    i'm glad that i made the right decision.

    i'm glad that i'm contented with what i need.

    "no regrets. they don't work. no regrets now. they only hurt..." - No Regrets by Robbie Williams. absolutely superb song.

    09 January 2006

    i believe that-

    i believe that no matter how a good friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

    i believe that true love continues to grow, even over the longest distance.

    i believe that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life.

    i believe that it's taking me a long time to become the person i want to be.

    i believe that we are responsible for what we do, no matter what we feel.

    i believe that either you control your attitude, or it controls you.

    i believe that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place.

    i believe that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down, will be the ones to help you get back up.

    i believe that sometimes when i'm angry, i have the rights to be angry, but that doesn't give me the rights to be cruel.

    i believe that maturity has more to do with what type of experiences you've had and what you've learned from people and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

    i believe that no matter how bad your heart has been broken, the world doesn't stop for your grief.

    still feelin' emo.

    if someone were to ask me to give them the definition of love,

    i don't think i would know how to give them an accurate answer.

    but for me,

    it is all about


    what d'you think?


    you'll be stepping on a brand new path in life from today onwards donkee. i wish you well and bear in mind that i'll always be here whenever you need me. please earn more money as you need to support me. LOVE YOUUUUUUUU MUCHOOO x)

    08 January 2006

    italianooo pizza! *yum-ster*

    i was feeling darn bored in the afternoon today. donkee was busy in Alliance Fran├žaise @ KL. he prollie had some good time cleaning his soon-to-be 2nd home kitchen and having meetings with his chefs. yeah, that is why i was so friggin' bored with absolutely nothing to do at home. then i thought, eh. i'm gonna do something meaningful and useful today. making pizza. HAHA. stop laughing. well, for those who are laughing, it means that you're close to me enough to know that i don't fcking lay my hands on whatever shit that has gotta do with kitchen or cooking utensils. but trust me, you'll be begging me for a piece of it later. heh. another reasons why i decided to try cooking and baking stuffs? because..hellllooooo. my donkee is a cooook. of course i got to standardize my cooking capability with his. although..yeah, his food will definately taste better than mine. haha. but at least i tried.

    so i got my sissie to go over to Tesco with me since she's as lame as me at home. i bought the pizza base as i don't have sufficient time to make one. uhrm, i got a bottle of tomato puree, green capsicum, Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese, spicy tuna chunks and onions. damn, we bloody missed buying crab sticks. argh.

    it only took me like less than 30 minutes to prepare the pizza. i realised it's actually quite a simple thing to do. i will not elaborate further on how to make that piece of pizza cause i guess you guys will definately know it better than me. but please, give me some face. tell me it looked good and yummy. it's my first time. and i have talents! haha.

    voila! my spicy tuna pizza!

    HAHAHAHA. now do you want a piece? call 1300-88-2525 for delivery service. oops. sorry. that's for Pizza Hut.

    07 January 2006

    lil emo kid.

    i don't know why but i'm feeling damn bloody emo these few days.

    i speak emo-ly.

    i watch emo movies.

    i listen to emo songs.


    something is wrong somewhere.


    today is a saturday and errr, i'm feeling bored. no shopping session for today. cause it's cold and gloomy outside and it's cosy at home. everyone was lazy. they were too lazy to get their butts off the bed. zzzzz.

    06 January 2006

    welcome to hell.

    the classes today scare bore me to death. as usual, lecturers will brief us about the topics we need to cover in each and every subject and not forgetting, the upcoming assignments and assessments. i'm starting to regret joining higher diploma. i have 1 more year to go goddamnit. and the worst part was, we'll need to get involve in the fuckup F&B stuffs again. you know, table setting, gueridon service, wine pouring and all those fucking shits. we're gonna learn and practice them without any notes. because there some smart asses who think it is not necessary and therefore we do not need them. if i'm interested in F&B i would have specialized in F&B earlier instead of RD. so why make it a compulsory subject for those in option A? the reason why we're choosing option A is because we do not want anymore practicals mofo. they should have just make it compulsory for those in option B. mahai.

    sometimes i just feel like quitting the fight.

    03 January 2006


    take a look at this friendster profile.




    i felt weird after taking my seat in the hall during orientation this morning.

    i looked around as if i was looking for something that went missing.

    after that, i remembered, oh. donkee is not here anymore.

    only then, i recalled, i first met him during the first orientation 2 years back.


    if you're the one i always addressed as donkee, this is for you.
    if you know you're not that donkee i'm referring to and you click on that link, then you're a real DONKEY. there's a difference o-kay. and trust me, i'll know who actually click on that link =)

    sayonara holidays.

    the thoughts of going back to college is killing me. i don't wanna go back at all. i want longer holidays. or at least until the 9th of january =/ argh. feel like grabbing a rope and just strangle myself to death. or prolly just jump down from Leisure Commerce Square and die. but no way, i know you guys are gonna miss me =) haaa.


    it's a good day today. cause i get to go shopping againnn. with my lil donkee this time. bwahaha. but it took us forever to fight for a parking space *sweats* what to do? chinese new year is around the corner. like end of this month? time flies. darn fast. i told you. ahhhhh.

    01 January 2006

    dead tired.

    new year's eve celebration was good. but the fact that donkee is not celebrating it with me was NO GOOD =(

    the whole bunch of us went to sunway's Q-bar and Cafe flam. many many of us. the amount of people there in sunway was crazyyyy. ranging from infants to some old uncles and aunties. really. it was even worst inside the club. we've been sandwich-ed like..grrrrrr. i couldn't stand it. i can hardly breathe. we can't even dance. can't even move! ended up getting a table outside the club and drank our night away. i took only a few sips. i don't wanna end up doing anything stupid and silly. HAHHA. no, i'm actually afraid of doing anything wrong to myself, and donkee =) you know, my ex was there with us and i was single yesterday night. ONLY that night. bwahahha. i sounded like a bitch again. but overall, it was fun yesterday. real fun. kar yee is a drunkard rockstarrrrr. huhuhu. and he's now calling me the strip star. damn.

    went for a shopping spree again today with mom and sis in the curve. ggggrreaaat. i got myself some clothes again. w0000ttt. but the jam was t e r r i b l e.

    donkee is back already. mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.