30 July 2005

die in hell.

Y.O.U just fckin screwed my day. i hate you for life. the words you said, kept spinning in my mind. i'll remember..i'll always remember. i will. screw you.

28 July 2005

happy birthday to Yen Chi and Kah Mun!

*was feeling terribly sick today..missed 2 classes today then went off to see the doctor =/ thanks baby for the porridge. love you!
*i don't feel too good facing them today..ugh.
*a very happy birthday to yenchi my babeeee and kahmun my...auntie? hahahaha. just kidding alright.

27 July 2005

full of regrets.

*this is a real fuckup world. i dont know what i've done to deserve all these shits!! when u're trying to do something good, some motherfckers think that u're trying to create some havoc. dear fool, rewind and think back! make it clear 1st before u pinpoint anyone. u wont know who is that "ghost" who started all these shits. well, prolly u know it all the while..u're just trying to ignore and push the blame on someone stupid like ME. U're pushing it on me just because u know he is someone who loves you! U trust him..U know the fact that we're not really close to each other..so, why do i need to do all these to you? Am i too free or, what? Get that eyes of yours to open wider..people can put on a show..people can act..people would do anything they can..just to get back something which belongs to them.
*To whoever who is reading this, well..i actually wanted to tell this straight right at that fella's face. But ppl will then think i'm creating some "havoc" again. so why bother? Let them do whatever they wanna do..let them think whatever they wanna think..but, i'm still pisssssssedddddddddd! god damn shit. I really need something to calm myself down..

24 July 2005


*can't believe that i actually woke up before 12 on sundays. haha. had a sleepless night yesterday. kept tossing and turning..i wonder what's wrong with me. prolly i'm a lil too worried bout something..
*ernest and vicz came to pick me up yesterday night and we went to hartamas. edwin, gimloong, yiwei and liping was there as well. erm, seems like the gang is gettin smaller and smaller.. =/

22 July 2005


*i found something interesting and funny in one of the forwarded mail i got. well, take some time to read it. it's quite meaningful and true though =) enjoy.

actually the mail is attached with some funny and cute animations..but i only managed to take the words down. heee.

The moment you are in TENSION
You will lose your ATTENTION
Then you are in total CONFUSION
And you'll feel IRRITATION
This may spoil your personal RELATIONS
Untimately, you won't get COOPERATION
And get things into COMPLICATION
Then you may raise CAUTION
And you have to take MEDICATION
Why not try understanding the SITUATION
And try to think about the SOLUTION
Many problems can be solved by DISCUSSION
Which will work out better in your PROFESSION
Don't think this is a free SUGGESTION
It is only for your PREVENTION
If you understand my INTENTION
You'll never come again into TENSION

21 July 2005

i'll be missing u =)

*19th July.....college is as usual. my class ends at 3.30pm but i stayed till 7pm for the dinner. I dont usually stay for the dinner actually..but my baby has his kitchen class every tuesday night. so, i gotta give some face to attend the dinner to eat his french entrees :) well i'm not complaining or anything..cause his food is delicious ;p while waiting to attend the dinner..me, virgo, rachel and vinnie went to pyramid to take a walk and have some drinks.
*20th July.....the RD team do not need to attend any classes cause we're off to genting! sounds really fun huh? let me finish the sentence...we're off to genting to visit the LAUNDRY ;p o-kay..i saw that expression on ur face. hehe. we went with the Management team along with a few lecturers. we were up there for like 2 hours (only!) then back to college. how lame =/ but their laundry is really hhhuuuuggggeee compare to the normal hotels. this is because they're in-charge of washing linens of all the hotels in genting. hrmm...

Taylor's Rooms Division + Management team in Genting ;p

*21st July......i have 4 classes to attend today but i only attended the 1st class. skipped RD, french and finance..;p yea, i'm a bad student. oh well, i have some reasons alright. went back to college at 4 something to attend the IT report briefing which is at 5pm. okay, now i'm a good student. LOL...baby is on the way back to his hometown. he do not have any classes tomorrow. how lucky. hrmmmm, gonna miss you ling! see you on sunday =) mwah.

18 July 2005

Happy Birthday Ocen =)

*time passes really fast today during class. i'm actually surprised i haven't been skipping any classes. i wonder when will the session start. hahahahaha. ryan's gonna strangle me if he ever reads this ;p sorry baby.
*it's ocen's birthday today. i thought of giving him a call but i know he'll be busy working. so i sent him a sms instead. he was quite surprised as he didn't expect me to remember his birthdate *sigh..it has been so long since i last saw him. prolly only once after he left college last year. thinking back of the time we used to have..man, it was fun. i missed him, really..

17 July 2005

..... . . ..any comments?

"a good person and a bad person. is it really so hard to differentiate?"

a very Happy Birthday to Jason!

*i always feel darn lazy and sleepy on sundays. *sigh..no one is at home right now. bored like helllll.
*was in Atmosphere yesterday night with my college mates and some other friends to celebrate Jason's 21st birthday! Hope you enjoy the night, dude ;p
*my whole body is aching like fck..was too hyper yesterday night. hahahaha.

15 July 2005

it's a friday? really it's a friday? ah, great.

*time flies..fast. very fast =/
*college is boring, as usual. nothing too special bout it.
*things that revolve around me is in a big big m e s s. things as in e v e r y t h i n g .
*tell me, should i or should i not? i'm afraid of the consequences and the outcome. someone, help!
*i don't feel too good..yes, i know it's obvious.
*i have to get out of the house ASAP.

11 July 2005

sucky sucky schedule =/

*back to college today..my holiday's over! *sigh. sucky schedule..totally different from his one, AGAIN. arghhh. damn TCHT. my class started at 2.30pm. but all of us reached at 9am. haha. so we (me,KC,vinnie,kahmun,virgo,chengyee,chereen and kelvin) hung around and went to Kim Gary for lunch =)
*the jam is terrible this morninggggggg and eveninggggggg. OMG! it took me 1 and a 1/2 hour to reach sunway and 1 hour to go back to klang! .....ZzzZzzZzz

06 July 2005

rewind <<

*my blog is far too outdated and i suddenly missed blogging..why u asked? cos i was too busy planning outings with my baby and bunch of friends..haha. fun fun fun! besides that, i have my baby to keep me occupied alll the time. *mwahhhh*
*rewind : 2/July - was having too much of fun i dont know what to say =/.......3/July - i only remember spending my whole day with ryan..can't remember the rest of the details. haha..
4/July - kinda like cleaned my room a lil in the morning..went over to ryan's place and he made me my favourite plain cheese cake. *yummyyyliciouss*..and yeah, we went to 1U and i finally got to watch InitialD..it was goood. edison is cute ;p but i prefer anthony wong..
*today..hrm, woke up at 8.30 in the morning..way too early for me. i have a reason kay..i planned to get my new identification card done. but, failed! that fcker said "you lewat sikit-la..nombor dah habis. you datang lagi esok, pukul 8 pagi..." i was like..wtf!? argh..nvm. =/ so i went home to continue my half-way done task..cleaning my room. finally done! after that, vicz called saying that she needs a transport home from ernest home..so i went to pick her up. *vicz, if u're reading this, don't worry! i'm not angry or whatsoever..cos it's convenient. u're not troubling me or anything. btw, i need to go over to my bf's place also what! hehe.* hrmmm, what's next? i hung around in ryan's place for a short while before we go to pyramid to meet up with vicz, ernest and Ky. we watched War of the Worlds. a so-so movie with a meaningless ending. *sigh...i was expecting something interesting from Steven Spielberg actually...At night, ryan came down to klang with alex to have drinks with my girlfriends..beeyin, weeshin and tammy..and *aherm* also to "distribute" his cheese cake *aherm*.well, what can i say? great dayy..can't wait to go for the next outing. i'm rotting at home!

02 July 2005

sleepless, again.

*my baby is bacccccckkkkkkkkk! finally! before i went to look for him, howard and the gang called to have drinks =) it's like a routine already. we HAVE to meet up for drinking session everyday! dont know why..heee.
*ryan brought someone back home with him. his name is Alex..a friend from his hometown. when i 1st entered the house, i seriously got the shock of my life! because from far, he looked exactly like mailliw!! holy shittt. i asked ryan, "who is that!?" and he was like.."go and see it for urself.." i was even more curious..as i move closer to him..*phewwww. thank gawd.
*fck..i just broke a promise..something i promised myself..he's gonna be the first and the last to know..no more others..i promise!

01 July 2005


*went to have some drinks with a few friends at night and came back around 2.30am..woke up at 1 something almost 2pm today as i slept at 8am.i dont know what's wrong with me lately. i just can't seem to get my eyes shut when it's time to sleep. it has been going on for quite sometime already. well, i dont have much things to worry about..so why is this happening? hate it man..i want some good sleep!! insomnia insomnia insomnia..*geeez. =/
*good news : ryan will be coming back tonighttttttt. woohooooooooo =P

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