30 June 2006

my world cup 2006 heroes (part 1)

2 days without live matches and i'm feeling so uneasy. now i present to you my 12 soccer heroes, part 1 (in no particular orders). yeah, part 1. meaning there are more to come. enjoy!

10 ronaldinho (brazil)

16 tranquillo barneta (switzerland)

11 pavel nedved (czech republic)

1 iker casillas (spain)

8 frank lampard (england)

10 harry kewell (australia)

8 kaka (brazil)

5 rio ferdinand (england)

11 miroslav klose (germany)

11 arjen robben (holland)

13 michael ballack (germany)

5 fabio cannavaro (italy)

who are your soccer heroes?

28 June 2006


i bought myself a haircut today. but don't consider it a new hairdo though. it's shorter now. i like short hair. the shorter the better. but some people just won't let me have short hair :| hrmph..

fat cheeks. i know.
but darn cute. i know too.
thank you :D

my man, casillas.

spain lost to france. how sad is that. i lost too. i lost some cash and most of all, i lost casillas :( it's not his fault when spain lost to france o-kay!

no more spain, no more casillas...my man, casillas. we'll see you in real madrid.

staying awake till 5am almost every night for the whole fucken month is killing me. i need some quality sleep. oh btw, is it weird for a chiq to be crazy about football? no? and i think girls who only watches football for the sake of the gorgeous hunks are plain stupid. it's irritating when they go "OH MY GOD, beckham is so sexyyyy!" or "damn, i'm in love with nakata!" or even..ah whatever. so annoying.

recently, i have this girl friend coming up to me and she told me,

"teams like portugal, australia and holland just can't play football. i think the only good teams are brazil and england."

(how typical *sigh*)

i told her,
"hello, you know shit about football. that's the problem with girls and football. whenever they talked about football, it's brazil, england, ronaldo, beckham, owen and most of the time, japan and nakata. go and watch a few more matches first before you talk to me about football."

i don't wanna be mean. but it's the fact. argh. my bitchy-mode is automatically on now. i can't help it.

26 June 2006


my 1 ringgit note :(

24 June 2006

cindy's "13th" birthday + potluck party.

on the 21st was cindy's birthday. we had steamboat dinner and karaoke session in the hotel's chinese restaurant. it was fun.

(how does my primary 6 essay sound like? :D)

we had a pot luck party in the executive office yesterday.

man, i don't know why. but i'm fucking lazy to type.

22 June 2006

spotted? dick?

i was doing my groceries shopping last week in tesco hypermarket. then i spotted this strange product somewhere near the frozen food area. i took a really fast glance around that area to see if there's anything i need and dang! something caught my pair of evil eyes. heh.

spotted dick.
how cool. i like.
FYI, it's some kinda sponge pudding. i don't know if it is to be served hot or cold. i don't wanna hold that spotted dick for too long. i was shy *wink* but i shall try it someday. to see how sponge-y that pudding is.

oh btw, happy birthday to josh!

20 June 2006


arsehole. i realized that i was stung by a motherfucking bee only after 2 days. and that is also after i showed my mom the bitten spot and she confuckingfirm that i was stung by a bee.

itchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! %$@##&%*#$@ !!!!!!!
hard. real hard. like an erec....................

i miss ryan :(

please support germany. thank you in advance :) if i win, i might consider giving 0.00001% of my winnings to you. heh.

work is shitty today. i almost lose my breath. imagine 9 phones ringing at the same time and your ear was the only pair of ear available. how fucked up.

time is passing real slow. i wanna watch football.

ish, why so random?

19 June 2006


i won yet another match after the japan match.
i love BRAZIL.

psssttt: did i by any chance mention that i love ronaldinho? he is so goddamn cute. and i wonder if he is fuckable? bwahaha.

18 June 2006


happy father's day to all daddies.

this year's papa's day is great. reason because it felt good to see my dad smiling when he received the gift. and because he was so goddamn happy, he decided to give me some cash.

HAHAHAHHAA. how evil can this daughter be.

oh yeah, i'm currently winning bets on few matches in a row already. can feel lady luck rushing towards me. ahaaaaaaa!


i'm off to watch the 2nd half now. down croatia!

14 June 2006


yeah, i know i went M.I.A again. i'm just dead busy. but all's good. i'm having a great time. and one should know you're having a good time when-

  • you woke up everyday with your loved one beside you. (although you're trying so hard not to fall back to sleep)
  • you receive a peck every morning before heading to work.
  • you go to work and everyone looked up to you and think you're capable.
  • you're working with people who know how to have fun and work at the same time.
  • your colleagues are nothing but a bunch of perverted sickos who talk about sex-citing things like dildos, doggie style, bananas, aubergines, bittergourds, carrots, ribbed condoms, sunat-ation, erections and god knows what else.
  • your boss will not utter a word even if you're taking a 2 hours lunchbreak outside and not in the hotel's cafeteria.
  • you have to entertain fussy clients and work overtime everyday but not complaining a single shit about it.
  • you get home late without eating a proper meal but instant noodles and still feeling contented.
  • you finished eating your instant noodle and right away, you have SOCCERRRRRRRRRR MATCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSS to entertain you.
  • you find yourself waiting anxiously for your loved one to return from work because you know you missed him.
  • you receive a peck, again every night before going to bed.
ahhh, orgasm.

speaking about soccer, the results for world cup germany 2006 is soooo not satisfying. totally disappointing. brazil, england, france, JAPAN..*sigh* how the heck did japan lost?! OMHG.

alright, i've rant enough. it's time to do the laundry. ciaozers.

12 June 2006


sometimes, i feel like i wanna sleep everything off like a coward.
that is all because i'm just too afraid to face the reality.

kill me.

08 June 2006


i almost thought that i was the luckiest girl on earth.

07 June 2006

the truth.

i badly need to know where the fuck was I on the 15th of may.
i re-called no shit about that fucked up day.

if you want me to go,
let me know.
i did not know how blind i was until today.
not until i saw what i was not supposed to see.
i was not blinded by the truth.
but i was blinded by the never ending tears.

you were a PRIORITY.
was i an OPTION?

05 June 2006

a rush of blood to the head.

no, i did not get kidnapped. no, i wasn't hospitalized. no, i did not went abroad.

yes, i'm still alive.
too bad. i know many wished for me to die.

sorry for the fact that i went M.I.A for the past few days.

'cos i needed some time alone.
sorry i did not return the calls, and the sms-es.
my phone fckin ran outta credit and i'm too lazy to go to 7-eleven to get a reload card.

sorry for not logging onto msn for those who waited for me.
the streamyx connection at my area went down for quite sometime.

whatever it is, i'm back. and i know you're not happy.


my industrial training officially ends on the 2nd of june. it was a great experience being in the HR department i would say except for a few occasions where you can hear me yell,
"what the fuck? re-do again!?"
"how come that *tooot toooot* don't need to do filing!?"
"MCH! my fault eh?"
.........yada yada yada.

well, i thought i would miss the hotel as soon as i finishes my training. i thought i would rot myself underneath my bed during my 1 month break and let the spiders, insects and rodents to crawl on me. i thought i would have shitload of time in my hands for me to do whatever crap i want. like sleeping my whole life away. i thought i would have 1 month to shop and loiter my ass off. i thought i would get myself drunk every night because i don't need to wake up in the morning to go to work.

and of course, i thought i would not need to face that annoying pest anymore.

in the end, my dreams crumbled.
the bloody hotel offered me a job as a part-time sales coordinator.

i can choose not to take up that job. but something, just something made me said yes. i reckon it's the money. and experience. i think i'm old enough to start gaining experience. i went home the other day and told my parents that i agreed to take up that job although i know it was gonna be a tough one. (3 to 4 staff tendered their resignation on the same month. so you tell me about it). i saw their faces lit up. i saw that "woah-my-daughter-finally-wants-to-work-already" and that "mannn-my-daughter-is-a-big-girl-already" expression. i felt damn good o-kay. seriousss :)

so i started work in sales department today. AND GOT MOLESTED. FUCKK. was feeling damn alien at first. but i think i managed to handle myself, the job and everything. at least i don't piss people off like that certain some. plus, ryan's early morning sms definitely cheered me up. ahakss :D *wuvv youu ling*

well, actually...

the main reason i took up that job is because i wanted to get ryan the
oakley shades he desired. and something for myself.
i hope :)

woohoo. it's almost 10.30 already. ryan will prollie be home in about an hour or so. i shall go prepare him something to eat. so i'll get more cuddles later. bwahhaha. evil.


pssssst: excuse my typos and grammar mistakes. i did not counter check it again.

01 June 2006

Leo *roars*

this is extracted from one of the bulletins in Friendster. i can't judge how true is all these statements but eh, i sounded damn interesting right? have a look :P


  • Great talker.
  • Sexy.
  • Always Horny.
  • Laid back.
  • Knows how to have fun.
  • Is really good at, you know.
  • Great kisser.
  • Center of attention.
  • Outgoing.
  • Down to earth.
  • Addictive.
  • Attractive.
  • Loud.
  • Loves being in long relationship.
  • Talkative.
  • Not one to mess with.
  • Rare to find.
  • Good when found.