31 March 2006


i don't know why i have this habit of not sleeping for the whole night (or i shoud i say morning) after the clubbing sessions. a normal human being will definately fall flat on their bed once they got home and snooze till the next afternoon, or maybe evening. i can't, you know. i think i'm a rare species. i'm goddamn tired now but still, i can't sleep *sigh* and yeah, SOME PEOPLE MIGHT EVEN BE ON FAKE MC THE VERY NEXT MORNING (don't worry gary, i won't mention names) bwahahha :D

went to zouk's ladies night yesterday with cylee and virgo to meet up with gary and all. great dj. so, great tunes. left at about almost 3am and went hunting for food. we were starving. reached home at 5.30am. tried to sleep from 6am itself. tossed and turned on the bed for a good 2 hours.


8am. then i wondered if ryan is awake already and i thought of giving him a wake up call.

*think think think*

eh, better not. he's prolly still sleeping and will wake up at 8.30am.

"okay, i'll roll for another half an hour and call him at 8.30am."

i accidently took a 1 hour nap until Wan from Saujana's HR gave me a ring on my mobile to inform me that i'm accepted for my training in that hotel.


called ryan after talking to that HR fella and found out that ryan has started his work already.

hrm, it was 9.35 only wei. and u're working at 10. *sigh* workaholic.

i was about to get a proper sleep till godknowswhattime until cylee called me up. after that, i can't sleep anymore *yawn*
your bad.

bored. gonna go watch some DVDs now. au revoir.

29 March 2006

sometimes i just don't wanna grow up.


let me summarize the whole 2 nights and 3 days trip.

day 1
  • gathered in cylee's house at about 1.30pm before we started the journey. cylee drove using her own car and KC drove using my car.
  • checked in at sunshine bay resort about 3.30pm. the apartment was alright. at least it's fully equiped with everything we need except, an ashtray. haha. we ended up using their soup bowl as an ashtray :) creative.
  • took a rest and lazed around before driving around PD to get beers..and some other junks.
  • about 8pm..BBQ session! by the beach. weeee. we had chicken wings, balls balls, super short cocktail sausages, super hard and long taiwanese sausages, crabsticks...laa dee dahh.
  • about a couple of hours after that, we went back to the apartment, took bath, and heh heh..boozing time.
  • we drank, talked and cried till 7 am, then only we were off to the bed. psychos.
day 2
  • woke up at 1pm.
  • had pizza hut for lunch. because we don't know where to bloody look for food. no, actually it was way too late to look for food. 3pm lah by that time we went out. fast food's the only food left lah. what else?
  • late afternoon, we hung around by the beach, talked cocks and took photographs.
  • KC, virgo and cylee dipped themselves into the apartment's swimming pool in the evening. ning, rachel, vinnie and i just stood by the pool watching because....a) don't know how to swim b) 'aunties' visited c) leg injuries. now guess which applies to me :)
  • had seafood for dinner. KC treated. all of a sudden. YAY!
  • at night, booze booze booze. and we dozed off at 2am+.
M.I.A - vinnie
photographer - vinnie.


rachel and i.

cylee, ning, yours truly, KC.


me and my 'drebar'. wtf u posing like ANTM?

us, again.

layyybeeehh. (JJ and rudy's version of 'lebih')

part 3. go spot the part 2 here. and err, something is not right with our left hands. hurmmm :)

virgo and i.

i love u mommy vinnie!

i ain't playing this game no more. everyone boycotted me.

cylee's an expert in UNO stacko. kiddie.

now rachel is missing.

the view from the apartment.

BBQ nite. the one in pink is miss cath *meow* ling, our classmate. she's a PD-ian so she dropped by to visit us.

too late to turn away rachel. haha.

eeee KC, sohai-nyer.


went for my industrial training interview in The Saujana today with KC, virgo and cylee. yes, our training is back *sigh* starting on the 10th of april. i was bullshitting throughout the whole interview. each of us received like 20 over questions. grrrrr. but all's good :)

hung around in the curve and ikea after the interview, and ended up having drinks in starbucks. it's a great day i would say :)

p/s : i'm currently on holidays. meaning, i'll be rotting at home. need someone to accompany? drop me a line. haha. tata.

26 March 2006


i'll be off to Port Dickson in a few hours time. all of the bitches *which includes me* need some refreshments after the endless exam papers.

refreshments = sea, beach, sun, food, booze, nicotine.
sea, beach, sun, food, booze, nicotine = fun.
refreshments + fun = heaven!

wtf am i crapping.

ryan will not be joining us this time like the previous pangkor trip. he has gone back to his hometown to celebrate his dad's birthday. plus, he need to work on monday. meaning he'll be coming back from perak to KL by tonight itself. how sad :(

so...HAHA. KC will be the only batang left. HAHAHAHA. 6 dudette + 1 dude. i was wondering who are exposed to more danger.

HIM or US? you decide.

23 March 2006


it's a friday tomorrow. the last day of my fucking term exam. two more papers to go. and i don't know a single shit about that two papers. management and its fucked up theories. law and its fucked up...law. d'oh. damn bloody screw i tell you.

it was about 10pm when i was holding on to my notes and dozed off.
for like..
10 minutes.
yes, only 10 minutes lah.
then i started to picture stuffs.
i am that sleepy, really. see, i can dream in less than 10 minutes :) pro.
i saw many things. and, a figure.
then i started smiling.
i remember seeing something like that before. that scene. that person.
when the clock strikes sharp at 10.11pm,
i woke up.
then i realised...


22 March 2006

exam week *cries*

  • sales and marketing 1
  • purchasing and supply management
  • academic english
  • intermediate french 1
  • principles of economics 2
  • management
  • law for tourism and hospitality 2

HOO-HOO-HAA-HAA! PD, here we come!

21 March 2006

dj tiësto on tha wheelll!

my sister and james.




there's nothing wrong with the camera. it's the mist.

picture taken from xes @ www.xes.cx

picture taken from joycewong @ xanga.com/kinkybluefairy

19 March 2006

2 nights. 2 venue. 2 raves.

i'm feeling drained, exhausted and dehydrated. god knows how much i sweat for the past 2 nights. my muscles are still aching. head's still spinning. and my term assessment starts tomorrow. until the whole of next week. i have yet to flip my notes. not even a little. because i can still hear ATB and tiësto spinning in my head.

i dragged KC, cylee and virgo at the very last minute to the Redzone Tour 2006 on the 17th. i just can't resist myself from listening to ATB. bloody good. too bad ryan couldn't make it to go with me :(


ryan managed to make it to tiësto yesterday night despite the fact that he'll be working till quite late. i went to pick him up from his work place and got lost in KL city. ;p but we did reached on time! heee. i joined shiena, her boyfriend, a few more other friends + my sister and james. all in all, tiësto did a good job spinning throughout the night. but it's so goddamn crowded, stuffy and packed... as expected. *sigh* oh, and my arse bloody kena molested okay.


hope that molester's mom gets fuck in the arse today. MCH.

pics for the renault F1 pit party will be posted up soon. currently waiting for ryan to send them to me...ZzZzzZz.

fcukkkkkk exxxxaaaaaaaammmmmsssssssssssssssssss.

16 March 2006

renault F1 team pit party...is back!

i've got my party tix. thanks to ryan :D i loooveeee him to bits. but it feels like fcukin shit knowing the fact that he will not be going with me. and it felt even worst knowing the fact that a trance freak like him will not get to listen to ti
ësto live! frankly, i actually felt really bad for going without him. but..urghhh. nevermind. fcuk working life.

but ling, you know how much i want you to go! i everyday also pray damn hard so that you can get your leave, you know? :( although i know it seems impossible. :(

[click to enlarge]

yeah, so that's on the 18th of march with
Bass Agents, Derb, Drum Connection, DJ AVX in the line up. and of course, Tiësto with his 5 hours set! weeeeeee.

on the 17th of march, it's the Redzone Tour 2006. we have the ATB!!!!!!!!! arghh. i've got free tix for this but i'm not too sure if i'll be going.

[click to enlarge or visit www.redzone.com.my for more info]

14 March 2006


i don't think i deserve all these fucking shits.
ever again.

you've gained my trust.
but you destroyed them with your own hands.

you want me to have faith in you,
but at times you just won't allow me to.

i don't know what am i to do.
i don't know what am i to say.

i just wanna bury myself 6 feet under,
and cover up that piece of face.
the one with full of shame.

when there's once, there's twice.
and when there's twice, there will definitely be thrice.

you know i can't bear this any longer.

but still, i heart you.

13 March 2006

puppet on the strings.

dialling her number at

12:08 am


5:28 am



12 March 2006


The guy who love you, if he can't always see you, he will try to make himself busy, for not to have any time to remember you, because he knew, if he did, he will keep on missing you until he could do nothing.

The guy who love you, can't tell you the reason why he love you. He only knew that, in his eyes, you are the only one.

The guy who love you, seldom praise you, but in his heart, you are the best, only he know it.

The guy who love you, will complaint if you did not reply his message because he worries and cares.

The guy who love you, only drop his tears infront of you, when you try to wipe his tears, you are
touching his heart, the heart which beat for you.

The guy who love you, will remember every word u said, even if it's accidentally. And he will use the word always at the nick of time.

The guy who love you, will not give any promise that easily, because they don't want to break the promise, they want you to believe him and they want to give you the happiest and safest life ever after.

The guy who love you, always tell you not to think too much, because they already plan it for you, he want to give you the best life in the future, he want to give you a surprise.

The guy who love you, will go to airport to fetch you, he won't carry a bunch a rose and call
you darling like what you expect. But he will carry your luggage and ask you "why are you
becoming that thin within two days?" with his sincere heart.

The guy who love you, will listen quietly to you, when you are mad, and when you
finished, he will say with a smile, "you still have class tomorrow, sleep earlier."

The guy who love you, don't know that whether he should call you when you are angry, but he will send a message to you after few hours, if you ask him why he call that late, he will say, when you are angry, my explanation are all rubbish. But when you calm down, my explanation will only really works.

The guy who love you, always call you little kid, but everytime he want to make a big decision, he will first want to hear your advice.

The guy who love you, don't like little toy like teddy bear, but he will always put the bear you present him on his bed.

The guy who love you, while quarelling, he will apologize uncontrollably, although you are the one who's wrong, and later, he will send a message to you with " baby, actually it's your fault, you know it yourself."

P/S: sounds like darn romantic, i know. but i doubt guys like these still exist. *sigh*


i'm feeling a lil messed up today. a lil emo. many questions running back and forth in my tiny brain. let's see..i have errr, 5 questions in my mind. all left unanswered. it's just so damn hard to ask questions like these. because i don't wanna make a big fuss about it. i don't wanna argue no more. help. i shall go to bed now. i only took a 2 hours nap yesterday night. i can't afford to shut my
eyes. because i'll start picturing many things and then ended up wetting my cheeks.


the aftermath of the 30 minutes storm which hit the Subang and Sunway area on the 9th of march.

me, rachel and cylee was there to witnessed it all when we decided to go out to buy something after the rain stopped. freakin' interesting. but it felt eerie at the same time. i don't know why. i just had this very weird feeling. sue me for being so sensitive.