23 December 2007

no title for today.

who the fuck wakes up 6:30am on a sunday morning?
and stand by the window to watch cars after cars zoom pass the highway.
with all their headlights on.
the street lamps standing tall and brightly lit.
you hear little birds chirping.
ahh. beautiful beautiful sight.


it's 7:00am. i am bored.
ryan left for work 45 mins ago after giving me a peck on the cheek.
then i was too happy i couldn't sleep anymore.

... . . ... ... .

feeling so restless.

i am turning into a torrent junkie.
everything also want to download.
damn terok.
"what you downloading again!? what's this? omg no space already lah!" says ryan.
alarhh. just because he doesn't fancy all my tv series and reality shows.
Iron Chef, Top Chef and Miami Ink excluded wtf.
the thoughts of ami james inking my 3rd baby..ahhhhhhhhh.

approx. 9 hours more till he comes back.
i better start downloading more shits.
tra la la :D
off to watch my newly downloaded amazing race asia episode 5.
i missed them on thursday.

the sky is so very bright already.
it's 7.40am now.
i feel like listening to some soul searching music before watching ARA.
no, i think i'd go brush my teeth first.
erm no, i'd go get a fag, brush my teeth, listen to some soul searching music, then watch ARA!
..before going back to la-la land.

baibai and have a happy happy sunday!
errr, it's my sister's birthday today.
happy 18th birthday, sis! :)

19 December 2007

i am tired.
i am so very tired.

08 December 2007

...and i heard them whispering,
"we all have but she don't, we've been there but she hasn't."

i am willing to give up ryan...

for moses chan!
nyahahahaa *slurp*

has anyone gotten so drunk that their ears started ringing?
or like..drumming and buzzing?

i swear the biatch has never gotten this drunk before.
she puke, like twice omfg.
ugh, torturous.
my throat and "somewhere-higher-than-the-boobs-around-the-chest-area" is hurting like a bitch.
*burp* i still taste liquor.


oh ya.
errr, ebay suck.

04 December 2007

100 words.

you feeling good?