29 October 2005

tcht's annual dinner and dance.

well, went for classes from yesterday morning itself and i just return home. so basically i was out from yesterday morning till today afternoon. hehe. skipped brenda's class and revision class..went for lunch with baby's family and both of us snoozed in the afternoon till about 5pm. heh heh.

TCHT's annual dinner and dance was held yesterday in crowne mutiara plaza hotel, KL. this year's theme was MAFIA. i think batch17 took up 2 tables. or 3. or maybe 4. was in the same table with baby, FQ, jie, jason, kaichai, rachel, virgo, vinnie and chengyee. we got one of the best table right infront of the stage at the back of the VIP's table. blehhh. the food was o-kay. TCHT supplied us beer. and we brought our own liquor. ngeks. the best thing was the lecturer's performance. everyone laughed their asses off. some even had teary-eyes. LOL. and yeah, edmund was awarded with the Mr. TCHT title this year. congrats dude.

me and donkee.
perk : korean-look-alike FQ : me
lorraine : ryan : 'hao poh' beef : FQ : me

the slutty beefong : sherri : moi

the RD girls + the P.I.M.P

edmund + keith

kai-chai and FQ's coolness.

the Mr. and Ms. TCHT's nominees. the winner are both in white.

they look more like rockers than mafias. HAHA. freakin cool costumes.

sohai lecturers of TCHT. the big head infront is FQ's. and the bald one is erm..mr. pradeep's. LOL.

lucky number 123. Jie got the 2nd lucky draw prize.


frm L to R : the-ever-so-sexy ms brenda, i-hate-smokers ms charmaine, vinnie the-mother-of all-of-us, me the..? whatever, the-cili-padi-of-TCHT ms mun yee, rachel the-one-with-superb-brain, i-love-marlboro lights ms anna.

virgo and jason.

standing : kerying and i
sitting : vinnie and chengyee
the sesated one : kaichai - what on earth are u doing there?

ravi, me and rajiv.

mr. bartender keith.

jie, me, and vinnie.

the klang-ians. huahuahua.

me and rachel.

miss virgoresna.

'fat hao'...

kaichai and virgo. cheese.

jie is so cuddlyyyy. this brother is one in a million.

the bitches.

the bastards.

i-have-a-figure-of-a-model FQ and me. HAHAH.

me : perk : edmund : kaichai

mr. TCHT 2005. peewittt.

holy crappppp. it took me ages to load all these pictures in. so, i think it's gonna take u ages to load this site as well. hehe.

after the dinner, we head to Cream in Renaissance hotel for some drinking session. the place is not too happening. but who gives a fuck? we had a big group of people. about 23 of us altogether. me, baby, FQ, jie, jason, virgo, rachel, vinnie, kaichai, chengyee, kenwee, beefong, lorraine, sherri, thean chun, keith, rajiv, ravi, kenneth, jessica, jessica's boyfriend, edmund, erina. did i like missed anyone out? =/ so, we had a blast. everyone was wild and high. a few knocked out. totally drunk. well, i was not drunk. just sober =) to sum up everything about yesterday night, one word says it all : great. we went off at about 3 something or so. baby dropped a few of them back to sunway then we head back home. i stayed over in baby's place. took a bath, cooked both of us some noodles as we were starving, then proceed to the bed and.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZZzz till 1.30 this afternoon. -_-"

i will not be blogging from tomorrow onwards until the next 8 days. i'm off to Shanghai with my family. so, u know, don't miss me ;p but babyboy..i'm definitely gonna miss you alot alot alot alot x 10000. hehe. MWAHHHHHHHHHHH! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU x)

but before i go, i would like to wish some of my peeps a HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY! i'll be back on the 6th of nov i guess. so here it goes..
30th oct : pingsoon
31st oct : my sis, jasmine. ar-lah..no need to wish-lah actually. i will be with you in shanghai.
2nd nov : chiphan @ andrew
3rd nov : vic
4th nov : dexter teh who bloody flew to melbourne without a single sound.

yeah, i guess that's all. SEE YOU ALL SOON MUTHAFUCKERS.

27 October 2005

i need a new programme!


i need someone to recommend me a new programme to download mp3s! i am currently using Ares Galaxy but it is not working anymore. i mean, it can still work but it's not connecting. it took me 67 years to connect! something went wrong somewhere..so, let me know o-kay? A.S.A.P! need it desperately..thanks a lot ;) remember, let me know!!

26 October 2005

i love rainy days.

classes ended early today at thr3e (yes, it's consider early! RD students will get what i mean =/...) went over to 1U's rock corner to return the 11 rave tickets and to get back the refund. then erm, head to Soonz place for a haircut. this peek-a-boo hairstylist is fckin lucky today for he had gotten the chance to crop my hair for the very first time. i hardly trust any other hairstylists besides the gay hairstylist i always go to, u know! hehe. anyway, it's only a few inches shorter. even my family can't tell if i've cut them already =/

it has been raining the whole day today. i just simply love rainy days. it definitely changed my mood. it gives me cold feet and palms. and i love it. hahaha. what am i crapping?

found some funny stuff in one of my forwarded mails, again. i think they all really make some sense. lol. enjoy!

don't throw your old computer! there are many things that you can do out of it..

well, you can make a keychain..

use the LCD screen as a poker table..

your monitor as a hamster cage..haha. love this one.

the mouse can be used to walk your dog. but german shepherd cannot-lah!

the casing as a BBQ stove..

and the CD-ROM as a mirror..

cun-eh? =)

25 October 2005

corpse bride.

i almost forgot to mention that i've watched Corpse Bride on DVD. it was good. i just simply love the characters and animations. especially the maggottttttttt!!!! that maggot is sooo adorable! HAHA. but i somehow think that this movie is not worth watching in the cinema as it has a typical 'i-expected-already-one-lah' ending and a very short running time which is only 1 hr and 16minutes =/ but.....i still think that the maggot is cuteeee! HAHAHAHA. currently looking forward to watch Chicken Little. no, kaichai, i'm not watching it because of you. LOL. i'm feeling so fucking childish right now. that is why i'm fucking off! adios.

for more reviews on Corpse Bride, visit here.

voiced by Johnny Depp (Victor Van Dort) and Helena Bonham Carter (Corpse Bride)

the magggoooootttt! cute cute?

24 October 2005

renault F1 team pit party celebration 2005!! ...cancelled

so muthafckin disappointed. DAMN!

20 October 2005

more pics =)

it's a thursday. no classes today. the weather is dark and gloomy. and so am i.

the malaysian idol 1 finalists, vick and victor plus the 8TV crew came to my college for some charity fair shits organized by batch19. vick actually sang out of tune. he was singing R Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly. it's so fcuking obvious that he went out of tune. and josh was laughing his ass off. then i asked him "ei, did you hear what i just heard?" and we both starting laughing again. lol. and no, the malaysian idols do not have many fans from taylor's college. i mean my campus, i don't know about the other campuses. but really, the crowd was..small. i heard more of 'booS' than 'wooS'.

i'm bored..baby is having class right now. and i'm at home. rotting. *sigh..nevermind. i've got pictures to post! HAHAHA.

a few days after porn star return to m'sia =)

beeyin and weeshin. bee-yin is always feelin' sleepy.

weeshin and i. during our karaoke session =)

malaysian idiot 3 finalists. booooooo! so full of expression, eh?

...wellll, as you can see..yvonne is gatal.

tammy the poser and me =)

another. this is even more full with expression! and u know what, they can duet really well!

3 retards *sigh =/

who took this pic!?!?

superman or - what?

and finally, the group pic =) standing : me and poser tammy
sitting : bee-yin, yvonne the porn star, wee-shin photographer : my baby. merci!


19 October 2005

pics pics pics.

today's weather is good. good for sleeping. hehe. feeling darn lazy now. so, i decided to randomly post only pictures up. enjoy!

chereene and i in class :)

sohai kaichai with his 'stick-to-the-wall' pose. -.-"

chereene : ning : chengyee : jessy : cathling : me : virgo

alumni dinner - the 2 MC's in black and blue, that's me and KC.
the 4 usherers in white, virgo - vinnie - rachel - jessy

during my training in holiday villa subang's front office.
that's miss kazumi fukuda in the middle. i missed her!

yeah, think that's all for today. more pics coming up. people, have a good sleep tonight! HAHA.