25 November 2007

wake up.
get out.
not here.
it won't fit.

20 November 2007

i fucking love you.

07 November 2007

recharge revelations 5 - global gathering.

27th october 2007.
a famosa resort, malacca.

more pictures here.
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06 November 2007

will update soon.
am going through the toughest chapter in life.

where the hell are you unkle jonn!!!!!!!!!1111

01 November 2007

oh simple thing, where have you gone?

how are you doing?

it has been only one day ever since you left.
no signals, no warnings.
the torment is unbearable.
i am now left with nothing.
nothing to hang on to.
nothing at all.
it is cruel how you took a part of me with you.
i somehow wish you were here.
but i know you will never return.

oh, where are you my darling wallet?