30 June 2005

"u again-arh?"

*hahaha..TCHT's students are all so lame..u can see them online 24/7! and whenever we see each other, we'll go "u again-arh?". how sad =/ was at home the whole day today. i dont have anywhere to go! plus, i'm broke. *sigh. hehe ..but i got the chance to meet up with KC, chengyee and wendy yesterday night for a drink. haven't seen them for the past 2 months already. =)
and as usual, i faced the 2nd idiot box in the world after i return back home. yea, i was talking bout the pc of course. *grins* when i was about to go to sleep at 2.15am sharp, ernest and called asking me to go out for a drink! psycho..but u know me, i hardly reject invitations..so i went. karyee came along =) we chatted till about 4.30am! *sigh

29 June 2005

*pray hard*

*the level of my lameness and boredom is un-measurable! *sighhhhhhh. it's so fckin hotttttt!
*i'm halfway planning something interesting. just help me to pray hard so that it'll turn out to be alright. puhleasee! =)

28 June 2005


*i did absolutely nothing these few days. i woke up in the afternoon, took my lunch, online and slept again till evening =) then i ate dinner, watched some TV shows and you know what's next =) lame lame lame. i fckin hate holidayssssss!
*couldn't believe that i actually cried myself to sleep yesterday night..for once, i really hate him for putting me through all these fckin shit.

i hate y o u.. . but still, i love you..

26 June 2005


*the weather is killing me! it felt like as if i'm drowning in a pot of boiling water *bloop bloop bloop*
*howard called up for a drink in the afternoon just now along with ky, josh, and hunter. to be honest, i actually tagged along in order to get a puff. hahaha. i'm mean =) well, might be going out for a drink with them again later. hehe. yeah, i know. we're lame =/
*it has been quite sometime since i last say this..i misss youuuu lingggggg x) faster come back-la! *sigh. . .

j e a l o u s y

*shopped a lil in pyramid yesterday. got josh a quiksilver cap and some stuffs for myself =) attended josh's birthday party at night..and we went to BBK for supper and drinks after that. came home @ about 3 something i guess =/
*boring boring day...HOW I WISH. . . . .

Down the stairs
Passed the memories
Along the corridors
Of pain and heartache
Deep in the darkness
Hidden at the bottom
Of your mind
There is a small locked door

...Peek in through the bars
You will see him slumbering
He looks so small and helpless
Like a little gremlin
You might become tempted
To unlock the door

He starts off small
But as time passes
He grows hungry
His emerald green eyes glowing
An evil grin crossing his lips
As he devours relationships
Growing larger and larger
Till you can no longer control him
The cute little gremlin
Has turned into a monster

Please put the key
Back in your pocket
Leaving him
To his slumbers
Engrave his name
Upon your heart
That you might not forget
His destructive power

A small inscription
On a plaque beside the door

24 June 2005


*wahahahahahahahaha, finally completed my industrial training! *clap clap clap* too excited bout it ;p ..but what's the use? my baby is not around.. . . . . ... ... .... .. .... ....b-o-r-e-d!
bloodyfool, leave me alone..u remember!

23 June 2005

take me along, please.

*i'm not feeling too good right now.. .i want surprises, i want magic, i want miracles. but no way they're gonna happen. dear YOU, please, help.


*1 more day to go before i complete my industrial training. i can't wait..but what's the use when.. . .. . . . ... .... .... . . . . . ... ... ..... ... .
*worked from 8am-12pm. me and josh sneaked out to have lunch in pyramid =/ howard came to pick us up along with edwin. greaaattt. hung around till almost 4pm. taaadaaa, signing-out time! drove josh back home cos i drove him to work today..=)

please..MAKE it FAST..don't TAKE too LONG.. . . . .

22 June 2005

happy birthday to bro josh aka waikit! =)

*arrived to work fashionably late..thought of skipping it again but, no way. ryan's gonna kill me. i've been absent for too many days. =/ he'll start nagging me, again.
*went straight to ryan's place after work then head to 1U along with soonz. nope nope, i'm not there for that initialD thingy..i actually wanna go there to indulge in yummy food and to take a walk around. but later soonz wanna have a look at the carpark's atmosphere..so we joined the crowd for less than an hour and off we go! cos it was so damn freakin hooottt and stuffffyy. Edwin, ernest, vicz and her bro were there as well =)
*...the moment i kissed him goodnight, i knew i was gonna miss him...

19 June 2005

peedee `05 =)

*damnnn i'm so freakin tiredddddd! but i dont feel sleepy ;p well..i recently just came back from a trip to PD with my bunch of crazy friends..eh, what?! not recently..i mean i JUST came back. hehe. we went on the 18th of June which is a Saturday..it's only a 2 day 1 night trip..but it was really fffffffuuuuuuunnn! x) a total of 15 of us went..josh, Ky, ernest, Yshiun and Cwei drove =) so sweet of them hehe. the night before we went, i slept at about 5am and woke up at 8am..then later in the morning josh came to pick me up and edwin. as soon as we reached there, everyone just lazed around and chat a lil before they grilled themselves under the hot sun in the swimming pool. hahahha. i ain't that stooopid. i enjoyed myself by carrying my precious mp3 player with me and stucking the earphones into my ear besides protecting the "beautiful" me under the tent with my shades on. LOL. and yeah, not forgetting that i enjoyed puffing by the pool while sipping on a glass of chilled ice lemon tea which costs me RM10.00 (2 bucks is for the service tips actually) hahahahahha. heck, we're here for holiday so why talk about financial? i kinda pity the waiter and waitresses for they have to carry fckin heavy trays and drinks under the sizzling sun! i mean, i know how it feels aight..it's notttt niceee at allll. i'm currently studying and working in the hotel line if u dont know =/ my biggest regret of my whole entire life.. nahh, forget bout that..back to my PD story..=) after gettin sunburns and all, the guys finally wanna make a move..haha. went back to our apartment, get ready and everything..out we go to hunt for the nearest and "best-est" makan stall..we found a kopitiam which serves foods like wantan noodles, fried rice, char kuey teow and everything. the food was good! (obviously, cos some of them were starving like hell..they hadn't eaten anything from morning itself. luckily me, edwin and josh managed to get something from the McDees Drive-Thru counter on our way there ;p..how smart) ..after the 'half lunch and half dinner' meal, we dropped by a minimarket to get some soft drinks and junk foods. we need those soft drinks to go with our ever-so-delicious Chivas Regal 12 Years ;p..hehhee. At home, we did nothing..just sat down and puffed..walked around..and of course without fail, they'll gamble..but i did not., not so interested though =/ a few hours past and they sky has finally turned dark..there we go, the next makan session, BBQ-ing! we actually brought all the BBQ tools and utensils all the way there..my gang just love BBQ-ing..dont ask me why cos i dont know =) while waiting for the charcoal to heat and burn up..we had this 'eating watermelon' competition..it was soooooooooooo goddamn fckin funny i tell ya..each contestant will have to finish up 1/4 of the whole watermelon. sounds easy but it dont look like it is..trust me man, i really couldnt stop luffing looking at how silly and crazy they were..helllllll disgustinggg!! Hunter bagged the champion cos he ate the smallest portion of all..haha. but nvm-la, no prize one. Now we talk about the drinking session..it was as funny as well. Bloody Ky trying to knock everyone down but ended up he was the first to become the "drunken monkee"..his face was as red as "Justice Pao aka Guan Gong" ;p it was quite late already when everyone started to get tired and exhausted..i was trying so hard to sleep but to no avail. the bed is so fcukin sucky..my whole body aches like dunno what! so i gave up sleeping and joined a few of them who were still out in the hall yakking and luffing their asses off..Time past and the crowd gets smaller..Who is the last one standing? me, edwin, c.wei, j.meng and howard. The clock strikes 8am and everyone is awake. Guess whose turn was it to sleep? Definitely me! I took over josh's place and pigged till about 10 something when all the guys went down to play football or something. That 2 damn hours is sooo not enough i tell ya. it eventually makes me feel sleepi-er!! hrmm, it's now time to check out, we got ourselves ready with the luggages and everything..the procedure is done..then we went looking for another place to fill our empty stomachs..ended up eating in KFC ;p after that, we bid farewell and off we go back home =)

b-Utifoooll =)from left to right : ernest - vicca - edwin - j.meng - josh - k.yee - ME - y.shiun - howard - w.lun - l.onn - c.wei - hunter - y.wei - g.loong

13 June 2005

tell me, what is it?

*such fck-up work they gave me today. i did nothing but to fold tissue papers. what do they think i am? some spastic or what? arse. but at least i enjoyed sneaking out from hotel to go for an almost 2 hours break. haha. went to ss15 to meet up with edwin, arvind and another of their friend. i've totally no idea what his name is. sorry =)
*i don't feel quite good today. seems like something is bothering me. all kinds of thoughts are running all over in my head. damn, i actually hate myself for thinking so much. i'm so sensitive.


*...yawn. so freakin tired. i'll finish this up and go to bed. hrmm, i dont know what to blog. good night. haha! but before that, please try listening to Howie Day's Collide. damn good. i'm gettin' soooo attached to it now! adios amigo.

The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

I'm quiet you know
You make a first impression
I've found I'm scared to know
I'm always on your mind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

Don't stop here
I lost my place
I'm close behind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to ryhme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide

You finally find
You and I collide
You finally find
You and I collide

11 June 2005

i am a housekeeper =/

*life has been great these few days minus the working period. housekeeping suck big time! tired as fuck everyday. but so far i only attended 2 times for this whole damn bloody week. M.I.A for 2 days. LOL. i enjoyed hanging out, having drinks, watching movies and so on. talking about movies, mr. and mrs. smith is hilarious! two thumbs up! well, maybe not two..just one. hehe.

Jane Smith and John Smith =)

08 June 2005


*this is a 'MUST WATCH' movie [cause ashton kutcher is so fckin gorgeous!] i shall watch it again but on DVD this time. it's uncensored. lol =p


*it has been quite sometime since i last posted something. kinda like running out of things to blog cause life changes for me. well, i no longer listen to sad and sappy songs. i find them sickening these days. i now prefer songs with happy tunes =) and yeah, i no longer cry myself to sleep. see the difference?
*i spared myself some time to get baby a brand new shirt. his sis accidently bleached one of his favourite polo tee. poor thing.
*time flies. 8 months. hrmphhhhh...