23 May 2007

the late replies.

sorry, my life has been pretty hectic for the past few days.
here are the replies for those who buzzed me through the tagboard.

Cavin : great job. wished i was there to watch the drama at 7th floor. LOL. poor Joan.

alexiolim : enough of craps.

tom : really!? awesome! then we can meet there! been awhile since i last saw you. who are you going with?

calv : ftw. when u want ur UV nation tix and ur car sticker, emo?

Ellone : hehe thanks! go get one! :D

yapkevin : good question. maybe you should get Cavin to answer you.

AlanV : i pre-ordered them from Speedy. it is censored (all thanks to Malaysia's censorship board) and does not come with the DVD. it only came with a gigantic poster. those that came with the DVD is the imported version. cost almost about 150 bucks if i'm not mistaken.

simmy : aloha simmy! yeah i have MSN. my address is julieteh11@hotmail.com. add me kay.

just like Cavin, i'll be on hiatus.
i've got no mood to blog.
i will still reply certain comments though.
nasty and crappy comments will not be entertained, mofo.


leo said...

welcome to the hiatus club!

Simmy said...

why is everyone hiatus? should i do the same ? (just to not fall out of the trend or something)

Anonymous said...

yes it's a trend..let us all be on hiatus for now..

Julie said...

hahahaha. but you broke the rules already! you blogged past 2 days! and i hate you for posting your the yummylicious CRAPpy pictures :P they make me drool.

omg, i didn't know going on hiatus is a trend. it's an IN thing eh? hahaha

Julie said...


hahaha. and let's start spreading the 'trend' to everyone.

Anonymous said...

and soon the whole 7th floor will go on hiatus...hahaha

Julie said...

which means? we will not be going for lunch? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.