31 October 2006

trick or treat?

wishing my sister, Jasmine a happy 23rd birthday ;)

24 October 2006


i tried to meet your expectancy.
but you criticized my perfection.

i tried to do the best
and get the appreciation.
but stumbled to
catch disappoinment.

all i ever wanted was your acknowledgement.

i am only an insignificant being to you.

16 October 2006

i'll go ahead and smile.

sorry for the lack of updates.
i ain't busy.
i was just, lazy.

fukn sick today.
some cheebye virus attacked me.
i wanna vomit.

am going to see the doc now.

"she used to dream of castles and forever. but now she only aches for a small conversation and and a little tenderness; because, that was what she needs afterall."

11 October 2006


You said you trust him with all your heart, but why are you still feeling insecure?

.......Now, what exactly do you want?

08 October 2006

*throws confetti*

we're 2 years old now.
...and still counting =)
love you mucho, doink.

04 October 2006

dark side.

you were blinded by the eyes that will never see.

02 October 2006

back to class =/

my 2 weeks term break flew by with just a blink of an eye.
in that 2 weeks,

  • i sit, bum, rot and laze in my 1st home.
  • i talked to Mylo. i wonder if he understands me sometimes.
  • i tried to get my Technical Industrial Study report done but to no avail =/
  • i packed stuffs and shifted my 2nd home from the 1st floor of Block B to the 15th floor of Block D. it almost killed me and ryan. and not forgetting, joanne! but everything's good now =)
  • i managed to take a night off from doing my TIS report to meet up with calvin and ivan. great guys. to emo with :D nolah. just kidding. great guys to talk cock with lah ;p
term 6 resumed today. pretty fucked up timetable i would say.
sucked ass lecturer as well. i don't quite fancy Mr. WHS.
in this case, i don't think he even looked like a lecturer in this case.
he looked like a bah kut teh seller in this case.
in this case, i deteste him because he offended the Klang-ians in my class in this case.
he said that people from Klang are mostly "naughty and bad people" in this case.
in this case, he also claimed that Klang people are all fat and chubby because they eat fatty and oily bah kut teh every morning.
he really should take a good look of himself in the mirror. he IS fat himself in this case.
and if he don't know, we have like 8 to 9 klang-ians (including myself) in one class itself in this case. and erm, all damn ganas one okay.

urm, you find me annoying? :D

well, Mr.WHS talked like this. i learnt it from him. heeee.
he repeated 'IN THIS CASE' 5649715478 times in one class!
now the whole class is talking like him -_-"
at one point, i almost yelled, "OII! can you bloody stop repeating and using the same fucking phrase unnecessarily fat assss?!"


i spotted the 2007 edition of Guinness World Records in Yahoo! News this afternoon. amazing!

Lee Redmond with the longest nails. so horrifying!

Khagendra Thapa Magar, 14 year old stands 50 centimetres tall. unfortunately, he has to wait another 4 years before he can be assess for Guinness World Records under the record of World's Shortest Man. underage lah. too bad.

Aaron Studham with the tallest hair! fuuhh.

what's the record for the most surfers who stand on one wave for 5 seconds? 73 surfers! beating last year's 53.

452 couples danced salsa casino for 11 mins in attempt to break the last year's record of 400 and 20 over couples i guess.

and to my surprise,
Janet Jackson whose black leather bustier got tore by Justin Timberlake, revealing one of her boobs while performing during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII also can earn her a title in the Guinness World Records! the wardrobe malfunction record! how coooooool.


aiyoyo, nowalays ah, maciam-maciam oso got lah.

dinner time. have a nice day!