06 January 2006

welcome to hell.

the classes today scare bore me to death. as usual, lecturers will brief us about the topics we need to cover in each and every subject and not forgetting, the upcoming assignments and assessments. i'm starting to regret joining higher diploma. i have 1 more year to go goddamnit. and the worst part was, we'll need to get involve in the fuckup F&B stuffs again. you know, table setting, gueridon service, wine pouring and all those fucking shits. we're gonna learn and practice them without any notes. because there some smart asses who think it is not necessary and therefore we do not need them. if i'm interested in F&B i would have specialized in F&B earlier instead of RD. so why make it a compulsory subject for those in option A? the reason why we're choosing option A is because we do not want anymore practicals mofo. they should have just make it compulsory for those in option B. mahai.

sometimes i just feel like quitting the fight.

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