22 January 2006

the shopaholics.

donkee and i finally got the chance to spend some quality time together over the weekends. we watched The Shopaholics in 1Utama yesterday night (all thanks to me cause i went to 1U earlier in the afternoon to do some shopping, so i bought the tix as well). The Shopaholics is another chinese comedy directed by Wai Ka-Fai, starring Jordan Chan (the major reason why i actually chose to watch The Shopaholics instead of Pride & Prejudice), Cecilia Cheung, Lau Ching-Wan and a few more other not-so-famous actors and actresses. the movie is mainly about Cecilia Cheung who got dumped in the shopping complex the moment she was born and then grew up having the shopaholic disorder. thus, she went and consult her psychology doctor, Lau Ching-Wan who has this "making-choices disorder" himself. basically, everyone in the movie have a disease to deal with. well, The Shopaholics is the kind of movie which make you go, "huh? don't make any sense at all". but on the other hand, it's funny. really funny. to the "real shopaholics" out there *aherm*, go catch that movie.

i love jordan chan! ;p

i'm gonna watch Pride & Prejudice next! guess i'll have to drag my bitches along with me to watch that movie or just pay a bloody 10 bucks or so to get the DVD. there's no way donkee's gonna watch that movie in cinema with me. ZzzZzz.


got my hair chopped in Hair Room about 2 hours ago. my hair is much shorter now. ahhhhh. good good. i'm lovin' it. ;p

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